Why is Insulation Important During the Summer Months?

We all know that insulation can lower energy bills, but most of us associate it with keeping our homes warm. However, energy efficiency is important during the summer months too, and can help you save on energy bills. This is because insulation provides protection from the weather, both hot and cold, and therefore isn’t just helpful when the weather is chilly. Here are some of the reasons insulation is needed in summer, and why you should get it installed.

Will insulation make my house warmer?

Some people worry about putting lots of insulation in their home, as they assume it’ll feel too hot in summer. However, multi foil insulation is reflective, meaning when heat hits areas such as your roof or walls, it bounces away from the house, keeping it cool inside. Insulation also slows the movement of heat, which will stop your home overheating.

Energy bills

Britain doesn’t generally have long summers, but when they do hit, they’re often humid and extremely hot. That’s why most people don’t have air conditioning in their homes in the UK. However, you can still get high energy bills from:

  • Running a fan
  • Running dehumidifiers
  • Using a home water cooler
  • Extra showers and heating water for the paddling pool

This means that energy bills can still get expensive, even in the hotter months. By cooling your home using Super Foil insulation, you can save money as you won’t need as many fans or other electrical devices and this can reduce your carbon footprint. Fans can be counterproductive, as they warm the air around them, so it’s a good idea to use them less and look for alternative ways to cool your home.

Checking your insulation

If you want to check whether your insulation is working during the summer, then go up to your loft. If you have traditional insulation, it should be hot up there, as the insulation on the loft floor should be stopping the heat travelling down to your house. If your loft feels cool even on a hot day, then you might want to have your floor insulation checked, as the heat may be travelling through it. If you have a loft conversion, then multi foil insulation is often the best choice, as it’s thinner, yet keeps the heat away from your home.

Wall insulation

It’s not just your roof that can be insulated for the summer months. Heat transfer can be a big issue, especially in terraced homes, so adding other types of multilayer insulation can really help keep your house cool. It means the heat from your neighbours’ home doesn’t warm your house in the summer, so you aren’t struggling to keep it cool.

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