Welcoming new members of the SuperFOIL team

We’re a close-knit team at SuperFOIL and so it’s a big moment when we’re able to welcome new members.

We’ve recently taken on five new team members; Hannah, Laura, Mitchel, Jordan and Stephen.

Meet the new people

Hannah Hamilton is our new customer service and shipping coordinator. Hannah has lots of experience in customer service and logistics roles and has fitted into the SuperFOIL team well.

Laura Holmes is our new procurement assistant. Laura’s role is to help manage shipments for SuperFOIL, including raw materials and completed products; something which can be quite a challenge given the circumstances in the UK at the minute! Having previously worked with a company manufacturing and fitting shed and garden furniture, Laura has a great background in outbuildings, where SuperFOIL products can make a tremendous difference.

Mitchel Bray is joining the busy warehouse team as a Warehouse Operative. Mitchel has worked in warehouses for the last 11 years, so has plenty of warehouse experience! When asked why he joined SuperFOIL he reported that it was a good opportunity for him and that the job suited him well.

Jordan Bell is our new production operative joining the production team. Previous to his role at SuperFOIL, Jordan worked for a number of years in maintenance. Joining SuperFOIL has been a new and exciting challenge for him, and providing him with a number of opportunities to further his training.

Stephen Fereday also joined the production team as a production operative. Stephen is completely new to the role following changing his career from working for Yodel. Stephen joined the SuperFOIL team whilst needing a more flexible work-life balance which SuperFOIL was able to offer him.

SuperFOIL careers

Creating new jobs is one of the most rewarding parts of running a business and we take great pride in being an excellent employer. We don’t think of jobs as jobs; we think of them as part of a career, with people progressing, developing and learning skills and picking up new knowledge and experience to move onto new and exciting things.

While some of our new recruits are just starting their careers in this industry, we’re excited to support each of their journeys and we can’t wait to see how they’ll progress in the years to come.


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