Week 19 – Warm Flat Roof Insulation 0.18 Solutions

This Month’s Solutions will focus on Flat Roof Insulation to achieve a u-value of 0.18

Week 18 - Warm Flat Roof Insulation

Our third solution in this months series is a warm flat roof insulationsolution in the series is suitable for virtually any joist size. This solution is ideal for anyone planning to re-roof and insulate all externally. Starting with a layer of SF40 directly over your joists and following up with your firings over the SF40. This creates air gaps either side of the SuperFOIL for maximum performance as well as the required pitch to stop water from pooling, killing two birds with one stone. On top of this add a layer of ply and a 35mm HD foam board to bring the performance up to a 0.18 and finishing up with a waterproofing layer to protect you roof. Another advantage of this solutions is that as this is a warm roof solution it means there’s no need to worry about condensation or timbers rotting.

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Warm Flat Roof Insulation - Week 19

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