Warm Basement Conversion in Sutton Coldfield

SuperFOIL Basement ConversionThis is an almost fairy tale basement conversion story where SuperFOIL plays a starring role. After investing in a large house just off the high street in Sutton Coldfield, the owner became suspicious of the rather large drop below the floor boards. Upon taking up a few floor boards, Steve from Basement Design – Basement Conversions in the West Midlands discovered that the drop was nearly 3 meters under every room of the ground floor. They were amazed to discover an entirely new floor of the house that had never been used since the house was built in the 1930’s.

Although the properties structure should form the primary defence against cold and leaking water, the addition of the water management system and SFUF insulation enables the room to become a safe, dry, warm and useful living space for the new owner.

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