Tools of the Trade!

The right tools make installation a breeze!

SuperFOIL has always been an easy install option when it comes to insulation. But, as with any aspect of construction, having the right tools can make all the difference. The three basic steps to install SuperFOIL are
“Cut, Fix and Seal.”  You will need a cutter, a stapler and tape.

The Cutter:

SuperFOIL can easily be cut with a Utility Knife or 12” Shears. For bigger jobs and professional installers we recommend a power cutter like the Bosch GUS 10.4v universal cutter.

Tools of the Trade

The Stapler:

For stapling SuperFOIL to studs/rafters we recommend using galvanised or stainless steel staples with a heavy duty stapler appropriate to the thickness of the product being installed. For SF19 & SF19BB use 14mm staples, SF19+ use 20mm staples, SF40 use 30mm staples, SF60 use 40mm staples.


The Tape:

We offer 3 types of 100mm wide tape for different uses.
Standard SuperFOIL Tape is suitable for most general installations of SuperFOIL products. SuperFOIL Superior Tape is reinforced, and uses an adhesive that allows it to bond even in cold weather and finally, SuperFOIL Split Back Tape which can be handy in tricky areas where it helps to apply tape to the product while keeping the backing on the exposed side of the tape.


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