The Future Of Insulation – 2nd Gen

Comparison chart 2In recent years, the construction industry is seeing greater and greater demand to not only meet insulation building regulation requirements but to exceed them.

SuperFOIL has the largest range of multi foil insulation’s and as such are able to offer solutions to meet any U-value requirement. Due to the vast range of building designs being used in the UK and an ever growing desire to be more energy efficient, the need for “Next generation” versatile insulation’s has never been more important. This is why SuperFOIL have continued on a path of forward development and taken our most popular product SF19 and made it even better!

SuperFOIL SF19PLUS is our higher performance version of our standard product offering improved R values achieved by improving the products core design.

SF19BB takes notes from the improved core design of SF19PLUS and adds a twist by making it fully breathable in turn achieving high thermal performance whilst removing the need for an additional breather membrane, killing two birds with one stone.

As with all building regulation approved insulation, SuperFOIL products have been tested by BBA along with multiple other national & international ILAC approved test laboratories (such as BTTG, BRE, BDA etc ). We also have 3rd party accreditation to help streamline planning applications by LABC as well as others such as our European STA and soon to be finalised GTA (German technical approval, Europe’s toughest assessment procedure).

SuperFOIL insulation is high performance, lightweight and easily conforms to the varying shapes & sizes that are present in many of today’s innovative building designs.

Stop looking at traditional insulation methods to provide a solution and instead look to
SuperFOIL – The Future of Insulation.


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