SuperFOIL Thermal Insulation – All Around the World

SuperFOIL Thermal Insulation - Around the world

SuperFOIL thermal insulation in ‘Round The World’ Record Attempt

Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov plans non-stop global balloon flight with a Cameron Balloons built Roziere 550 Balloon that is insulated with SuperFOIL SFTV Thermal insualtion.

Cameron Balloons are the experts in balloon design and manufacturing. When they were commissioned to create a ‘Round The World’ Balloon for Fedor Konyukhov, they came to the experts at SuperFOIL to source the highest performing thermal insulation materials to protect the balloon from the extreme conditions the balloon would need to endure to complete the flight.

SuperFOIL supplied Cameron balloons with SuperFOIL SFTV and also a custom variant of SFTV laminated with a special thermo-foam layer to their meet their specifications. These materials are being used to create the outer insulating layers surrounding the inner gas filled balloons.

For more information about the flight, head over to Cameron Balloon’s website where you will be able to follow Fedor’s adventures!

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