SuperFOIL – Now accredited by The IAA & Qualitymark Protection!

SuperFOIL is proud to announce that we are now accredited by The Insulation Assurance Authority as a system designer and with Qualitymark Protection ( Formerly known as The GDGC) for internal wall and room in a roof insulation applications. We are delighted with this progress for the company and what this means for the installers using our products and the customers having SuperFOIL insulation fitted into their homes. 

Installers being backed by this insurance guarantee means that end-users of SuperFOIL can rest assured that they are covered should things go wrong, and installers know that they are installing a quality product.

Who are The Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA)?
The IAA is an industry body that provides a quality assurance framework covering technical guidance, consumer protection, certifications, and training under a single platform. The IAA gives homeowners the confidence that any insulation work is being carried out to a high standard, ensuring it is done “Right First Time”.

  • IAA System designer

To get approved as a system designer through The Insulation Assurance Authority, we here at SuperFOIL have had to prove that our products and installation solutions could withstand the extensive quality assurance process.  To complete the process, we have been audited and deemed to satisfy all the necessary components to be named an IAA system designer.

Who are Qualitymark Protection?
Qualitymark Protection are an insurance broker who specialise in offering insurance-backed guarantees on home improvements such as insulation.

     – Approved supplier
As an approved supplier we have gone through a strict application process, to ensure that our products meet the high standards required by Qualitymark Protection. As a scheme member, our products are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure peace of mind for the homeowner.

By our products having this warranty cover, we are ensuring that homeowners have protection for up to 25 years against any installation issues, even if the installing business no longer exists.

William Bown, Director of SuperFOIL stated –

” As a company, we are delighted that installers of our products are now able to offer guarantees for the installation of our products. Customer service is our number one focus, and we are always looking at ways we can improve that here at SuperFOIL. Being accredited with both the IAA and Qualitymark Protection means that end-user of our products can rest assured that they are getting a quality product fitted in their home and feel safe in the knowledge that they are backed with an insurance guarantee should anything go wrong…”


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