SuperFOIL Insulation now available from major UK retailers

SuperFOIL Insulation is now available to buy in-store and online from well known retailers across the UK as well as valued independent stores.

While we’ve built a reputation for our work with contractors, developers and construction companies, we’ve expanded our product range to include a variety of products that are perfect for home improvement and DIY projects.

To make our products more accessible to non-trade customers, our products are now available in a wide range of shops in towns and cities across the UK and they’re also available online.

High street retailers

SuperFOIL is now available in The Range, Yorkshire Trading Company and QD Stores

On the high street, you can find a range of SuperFOIL products that are suitable for DIY projects to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of your home, garage or outbuildings.

You can find the following products in Yorkshire Trading Company, The Range and QD Stores up and down the country:

SuperFOIL RadPack

Provides an economical solution to prevent heat loss and reduce household energy bills. Installed behind radiators, SuperFOIL RadPack works by reflecting over 95% of radiant energy away from the wall and back into the living space.

SuperFOIL Garage Door Insulation Kit

Insulate your garage door efficiently with this high performance foil insulation. Suitable for all manual & automatic garage doors. The high quality foil insulation is specially designed to maximise energy savings to keep your garage warm in winter and cool in summer

SuperFOIL Multi Purpose Wrap

Insulate your home efficiently and save money on your energy bills with high performance foil insulation. Suitable for all DIY uses, such as walls, floors, roofs, motor homes, campervans, caravans, dog kennels, rabbit hutches, etc.

SuperFOIL Aluminium Foil Tape

The super foil aluminum tape is for securing, joining and sealing multifoil insulation products. It helps provide maximum thermal performance and durability. It creates a strong seal helping to eliminate cold spots & draughts.

SuperFOIL Pipe Wrap Insulation

SuperFOIL pipe insulation insulates your home efficiently with the high performance foil insulation for pipes. The wrap has double layer insulation, with two reflective foil surfaces on either side of a polyethylene bubble membrane which keeps your pipes warm to reduce your risk of leaks. It also act as a noise-proof barrier in your home.

Selection of SuperFOIL DIY products

DIY, trade and wholesale retail stores

You can find a wide range of SuperFOIL products which are well suited for larger renovations, new builds or extensions in several instore retail premises across the UK and internationally.

This includes our thicker, more high-performance products as well as products designed for more specific uses such as cavity closers, underfloor insulation or non combustible solutions.

Our in-store DIY, trade or wholesale sellers include:

Here, you can buy products including our SF6, SF19+, SF40 and SF60 high performance multi-foil as well as our thermal vapour barrier SFTV, our breathable thermal insulation SFBB and much more.


Online retailers

As well as buying SuperFOIL products from retail stores, you can also buy from retailers online.

As well as each of the retailers listed above, our products are also available on eBay and Amazon, giving you the freedom to choose from a wide range of retailers and suppliers, whatever the scale of your project.

You can find our products on the following websites:

For larger scale works, or if you’d like to speak to a member of the SuperFOIL team, you can also get a quote and buy SuperFOIL products directly from us. Click here to contact us today.

We hope to be working with more retailers, including more independent sellers and well known brands, in the coming months. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or visit our news section for updates.


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