SuperFOIL Installer – Insulation Training Course

Insulation training course

insulation training
SuperFOIL have become the first multilayer foil manufacturer to offer the construction industry the opportunity to gain professional recognition including a greater understanding of:

  • Why SuperFOIL is a better option than traditional insulation.
  • How to choose the most appropriate SuperFOIL solution for their project.
  • The ease of installing SuperFOIL through hands-on experience.

SuperFOIL’s one day CPD Certified installers programme is the first in a series of CPD programmes developed to assist Architects, Building Control and all interested developers with first-hand knowledge of how to achieve excellent thermal values while saving time and money!

What is covered in the insulation training course? 

  • The benefits of sustainable building methods in terms of potential money savings and Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  • An overview of insulation U-values and R-values
  • An overview of the full range of SuperFOIL insulation products
  • Correct installation methods on how to lay the insulation taking into consideration emissivitycondensationair tightnessnoise pollutionbuilding control and Health & Safety
  • Short written assessment
  • Practical assessment using various SuperFOIL products, including SF40 (deluxe insulation for roofs, lofts and walls), SFUF (multifoil insulation for solid and suspended floors) and SF19BB (Thermal Insulation for roofs, lofts and walls

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