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BBA Inspection certificate

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What happens once I have requested my sample pack?...

Once you have filled in the request form, your details will be passed onto our shipping team to process your sample pack.  We post our sample packs Monday – Friday with absolutely no charge to you. You should receive your sample pack within 5-7 days of your request.

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Each Pack contains -

Standard Multifoil (SF19+ & SF40/SF60)

Breathable Multifoil (SF19BB)

Underfloor (SFUF)

Reflective Membrane (SFTV)

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A Few Of The Brands We Work With...

The Benefits of Choosing SuperFOIL

Not All Foils Are Created Equal...

1 Highly Certified

SuperFOIL has certifications from BBA, DiBt, ZAG and are LABC/LABSS approved. Our products have undergone rigorous testing by third-party laboratories, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product that meets all required safety standards.

2 High Performing

SuperFOIL manufacture the world’s highest-performing multifoil insulation. All of our products have outstanding thermal performance whilst keeping a slim profile.

3 3 in 1 Products

The majority of the SuperFOIL products are 3 in 1, meaning that you are having to use fewer products to complete your project! We combine insulation with a radiant barrier and a vapour control layer/ breathable membrane.

4 Wide Range of Choice

We have a wide range of products, from standard multifoil insulation, breathable products and non-combustible insulation, we will have what you need!

We also sell vapour control layers, breathable membranes and bubble foils!

5 We're Here For You...

Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning your project, or at the point of installation. Architect, Builder or DIYer, we are here to help! The SuperFOIL team are available to answer any questions to get you to where you need to be!

Give Your Project The Best... Give It SuperFOIL!

We are the leading manufacturer of multifoil insulation, manufacturing the world’s highest-performing multifoil. Our samples will give you a real representation of the product you will receive when you purchase from our range of insulations. 

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