Our sister company, Ventilation Megastore

As a part of Boulder Developments Ltd, Ventilation Megastore is dedicated to improving energy efficiency with mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems – a device which is set to become very useful within our current energy climate! 

Its products ensure indoor environments have fresh, clean air, preventing condensation while maintaining a comfortable temperature and helping everyone to stay healthy indoors.

Ventilation Megastore offers excellent value for money and the friendly, expert-level of service you’d expect from a part of the Boulder Developments Group.

Why is ventilation as important as insulation?

Insulation is only half of the battle for a comfortable indoor environment year round. You also need to ensure a supply of fresh, clean air to remove water vapour, dust, airborne germs and other nasties.

In the winter, water vapour is of particular importance because it condenses on cool surfaces such as windows and this can lead to mould and water damage throughout your home. Mould also produces airborne spores which enables further mould growth and can make people unwell.

Dust can also cause health problems, particularly for people with asthma, and coughs, colds and coronaviruses can also spread through the air of unventilated spaces.

Opening windows is an obvious solution for ventilation, but it’ll also mean losing much of the warmth you’ll want to keep in your home in winter, or letting in too much hot air from the outside in summer. Windows and vents can also let in other unwanted matter such as pollen, particulates and pollution.

What does a Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit do?

MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems provide fresh, filtered air into a building while also maintaining internal temperatures.

With air being drawn in and out of a property by a fan through a heat exchanger and filter, the units provide a continuous source of ventilation for a comfortable, more healthy and comfortable environment all year round.

Used for both domestic, commercial and business purposes, our MVHR units provide high indoor air quality and a controlled air-flow path at an affordable price.

By installing a MVHR unit, you’ll constantly have access to fresh air – meaning there’s no need to open any windows during colder seasons. This in turn will help to save money on your rising heating bills, as you’re not letting out any precious heat whilst doing so. 

You can view all of the different products offered by Ventilation Megastore on the website, or download your free guide here.

Ventilation Megastore: heat recovery specialists

Heat recovery can be a difficult concept to understand, especially if you’re new to this sort of thing. Fortunately, the team at Ventilation Megastore are experts within the field and have so far helped thousands of people to create the systems they need for their homes or businesses. 

Our industry experts are able to help to tailor products to your specific requirements, supplying everything that you or your builder will need for a straight-forward, stress free installation. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a MVHR can help you save money and live better, then please contact Ventilation Megastore here.


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