Making timber frame insulation work for you.

Case Study : Making Timber Frame Insulation Work for you

Timber Frame Insulation

Simon was looking for an efficient timber frame insulation solution to achieve 0.18U for his 125mm frame wall. The site footprint was already restricted, so to maximise the useable space of the property, he didn’t want to insulate on the internal face of the wall. The obvious choice was to insulate in the cavity between the external face and the weather board cladding.

After contacting SuperFOIL’s free technical helpline, he was offered a solution that not only met his thermal requirements but could be achieved in one easy step by using SF19BB, the 2 in 1 breather membrane and high performance multi-layer foil insulation.  SF19BB’s superior performance also meant that Simon could achieve 0.18U by full-filling the 125mm timber frame studs with cost effective mineral wool.

This timber frame insulation solution made the install quick, easy and extremely cost effective. SF19BB achieved the thermal requirement while retaining the valuable living space within the property with a total wall thickness of 220mm. Contact us now to find out how to make Timber Frame work for you!


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