Loft Insulation For Beginners

Don’t view yourself as an insulation expert?

We get it, without proper knowledge of insulation and the options open to you, choosing which one is right for your property can be a daunting task. That’s why we created this blog, to give you some insight into loft insulation and how it could benefit your property. 

By installing insulation, you can make your property more energy-efficient, meaning you spend less money on utility bills. Not only that, by using multifoil, you are utilising products made of up to 40% recycled product, so while your efficiency increases, your wastefulness decreases. 

Want To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? 

Property TypeDetached Semi-detached Mid Terrace Bungalow 
Carbon dioxide savings per year 990 kg 580 kg 550 kg 820 kg

(figures sourced from the Energy Saving Trust)

Maximum Performance, Minimal Waste 

Unlike traditional foam board insulation, multifoil can be installed with minimal fuss and mess. Not only that, if you have left-over multi-foil after finishing your loft insulation, you can also use it in walls and floors too, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.