Keeping your house cool in summer with insulation

Insulation isn’t just for winter – it can actually help to keep your house cool in summer too! 

Many people assume that insulation is just needed for the colder, winter months to keep the heat in your home. However, it’s definitely worth knowing that insulation can keep your house at a comfortable temperature, even in a heatwave. 

Keeping the heat out

When it’s hot, our first instinct is often to open the windows and get a breeze through the house. This is sensible when it’s cooler outside than in, but when it’s uncomfortably hot, you need to stop the warm sunlight and hot air from getting in.

In the same way that insulation keeps heat inside a property, it also prevents heat from getting in. This will save you trying to keep your house cool with fans or air conditioning, saving money on your bills, and making your home all the more comfortable.

One of the main roles of insulation is to slow the movement of heat between two spaces. If you invest in a good quality insulation product such as SuperFOIL, then you’ll have created an efficient barrier to prevent heat getting in. 

The best example to explain this theory is if you head up to your loft on a hot summer’s day; you’ll notice that it’s boiling hot up there! This is due to the heat from the sun warming the roof and loft space, with the insulation slowing the movement of heat down into the house itself. 

Wall insulation does exactly the same thing – it essentially slows the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside. As a result, even though your exterior walls might be hot to touch, the inside walls should be considerably cooler.

Better yet, SuperFOIL’s rage of foil insulation products reflect heat. This means that as well as resisting the travel of heat energy, it reflects it back to its source; whether it’s keeping heat inside on a cool day, or back outside when it’s hot.

Why you should insulate in the summer

Insulation has an immediate effect so, as soon as it’s fitted, it’ll be doing its job, keeping your house cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold.

It’s worth noting that if you’re planning to carry out any external insulation works, the best time to do this is throughout the spring and summer months, so there’s no time like the present.

Good weather conditions will allow the installation to be completed promptly, and it’s the best time of year to insulate the fabric of the property. Your house will have plenty of time to dry out, which will allow for any moisture to dissipate. 

The most important thing to take away from this blog is that insulation is a barrier that will stop heat from transferring, no matter the direction! 

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