Is Insulating Your Garage Door Necessary?

If you have an uninsulated garage door, you may be missing some energy-saving potential. Now let’s take a look at the numbers to see how your garage doors can influence heat loss. 

If your garage doors are insulated, the U-values should be within 1.28-2W/m²K. However, if your garage doors are uninsulated, it would offer little to no insulation value, with a U-value typically ranging from 5-7W/m²K. A higher U-value in this case indicates that more energy is lost through every square foot of the uninsulated door, potentially leading to significant energy loss over time.

A garage that is attached to the house or even one with a simple connected wall to the house can make your garage a source of energy loss, so garage insulation makes good sense. An uninsulated garage attached to the rest of your home can allow cold air to reach other parts of the house, especially any rooms directly above or adjacent. This will cause the house to become colder or warmer, leading to a greater need for central heating/cooling and thus costing more on your energy bill. Despite that, people often overlook their garage door when considering their insulation!

While many customers insulate their garage walls and ceiling, the doors are often left uninsulated. To make matters worse, most homes have garage doors made of metal, which is highly susceptible to cold bridging (they easily conduct heat and cold,) leaving garages excessively warm in summer and freezing in winter. So, if you have an insulated garage but uninsulated doors, it’s just like keeping the doors open after insulating to retain heat!

A garage door on an attached garage is often viewed as a weak link in the home’s thermal envelope, prompting many to consider insulation. However, this kind of insulation can be important even if your garage isn’t attached to your home. If you spend a lot of time in your garage: using it as a spare bedroom, DIY workshop, or gym, then maintaining heat in the garage is going to be important. This is especially helpful  to retain heat in the property during colder months and keep hot air and dust at bay during the summer months.

On top of that, if you are using your garage as a storage space you will want to keep moisture and condensation problems out of your garage; properly taping and sealing your garage doors is necessary. However, garage doors are opened several times a day, the metallic design and style of garage doors complicate insulation with traditional materials, which means you need innovative products to perform better and efficiently tape and seal  the doors.

While not all products on the market effectively meet these requirements due to their rigid or non-flexible structure, radiant barrier foil insulation is a viable option. Considering the popularity of foil insulation in DIY home improvements and commercial insulation, let’s explore what makes foil insulation a great choice for garage door insulation.

Garage Door Insulation Using Bubble Foil Insulation

Insulating your garage door can be the best DIY home improvement option because it’s a low-cost solution that takes little time to install. Insulating your door with reflective Bubble foil insulation is a quick and easy DIY solution that cuts down on your energy costs, reduces noise, and maintains the inside temperature much better. At SuperFOIL, we manufacture a range of bubble foil insulation products specially catered to meet all your DIY demands. One such product is our Garage Door Insulation Kit, and here are all the specifications you need to know:

  • 3 in 1 insulation: SuperFOIL garage door insulation provides a radiant barrier, vapour control layer and thermal
    insulation – all within a single product.
  • Reflect radiant heat: The radiant barrier foil reflects up to 95% of heat back to its source,  keeping your garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving you energy and helping to reduce energy bills.
  • Ultimate protection: Corrosion resistant, airtight, thicker barriers provide protection from drafts, condensation and mould.
  • Easy to Install: Multifunctional,  lightweight, flexible and easy to install design that requires no specialist tools. Simply roll out along the surface and affix as required. 
  • Slim profile: Achieving maximum performance, while maintaining a slim profile that doesn’t weigh the doors down.
  • Ideal for use in: Fits both manual and automatic garage doors up to 6 sqm and doesn’t affect the lifting mechanism.
  • Value for money: The all-inclusive kit includes the foil insulation roll, an aluminium tape and a double sided tape to insulate, seal and finish.

How to Install Garage Door Insulation?

Here are the instructions to effectively install garage door insulation in just 5 simple steps:

1. Clean the inside facing side of the garage door

2. Measure your garage door 

3. Roll out the foil and cut the product to size using regular scissors

4. Fix the product using the adhesive double-sided tape

5. Tape and seal all edges and corners using SuperFOIL Aluminium tape

With these steps, you can have an insulated garage door in just 2 hours, as confirmed by the numerous positive reviews and feedback we have received from our happy customers.

Top Reviews

Here are some of the top reviews we have received for our Garage door insulation kit:

“Pretty easy to fit using the double sided tape and the foil sealing tape. The doors are warmer to the touch which makes me think it’s insulating pretty well. Almost no weight so doesn’t alter the operation of the electric doors.”  –  Jezaa-C

“Very pleased with this kit and within about 2hrs it was installed. The insulation most closely resembles bubble wrap however was much thinner and behaved more like cardboard. Very easy to cut with a pair of scissors and the supplied double sided tape is good quality. The 100mm wide tape is a bit fiddly as it is wider than scissors and tears easily however with a bit of patience it worked well… Final results are a noticeable reduction in outside noise and a lot more light in the garage for working on my bikes, hopefully it makes the garage easier to heat in winter and not allow the temperature to get too high in summer. We’ll see! Garage door opens and stays open with no obvious strain on the mechanism from the additional weight.  – Andy Man

“A complete kit, you would not need anything else. Easy to use and really good quality. Lightweight.”  – SCG

Thinking of Insulating Your Garage Door Today?

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