How Multi Foil Insulation Improves Your Home’s Safety as Well as Energy Efficiency

How Multi Foil Insulation Improves Your Home's Safety as Well as Energy Efficiency

Here in the UK, we have to contend with cold weather almost daily, especially now that we’re well into autumn with winter on our doorstep. Soon enough, we’ll be powering the heating continuously to remain comfortable indoors, which could hurt our wallets, the environment and our boilers. If you want to minimise your dependency on central heating, you need to bolster your home’s floor and wall insulation.

Thick doors and double-glazed windows can help you become much less reliant on heating, but heat can transfer through just about any solid structure, including your walls and floors. Wall and floor insulation minimises heat transfer to keep your abode toasty, and provided you install a high-quality product, you could make your home a safer place to live in the process.

Here at SuperFOIL, we manufacture and supply the highest performance multi foil insulation in the UK and EU, and even though we’re headquartered in Norwell near Newark-on-Trent, we have a nationwide network of distributors that have earned our seal of approval.

Our products rival even the highest quality fibreglass and foam insulation products because they effectively minimise heat transfer, don’t contain any harmful materials. Below, we’ve detailed the benefits of super foil insulation in more detail.

Is Foil Insulation Right for Your Home?

Fibreglass is one of the most common forms of floor, wall and roof insulation, but it’s only effective if installed to a high standard. Plus, the particles found in fibreglass insulation rolls can be a health hazard. If you want to avoid fibreglass, you could opt for foam insulation, but it’s not always more effective than fibreglass depending on the type. Multifoil, on the other hand, is highly effective and non-hazardous, and the benefits go beyond that.

  • Fire Performance

While the chances of your home catching fire are relatively slim, house fires in the UK are far from rare. For that reason, we offer foil insulation products that are fire rated, which means they don’t ignite quickly. Plus, products with a Class 1 Spread of Flame certification can help prevent a blaze from spreading through your property.

  • Thermal Performance

The primary purpose of insulation is to keep the heat inside and the cold outside, which multilayer foil insulation does efficiently. The thermal performance of foil insulation varies depending on the product you choose, but unlike foam insulation, multi foil insulation is ideal for any part of your home, whether it’s the attic or the cellar walls.

  • Easy Installation

As briefly touched on above, foil insulation is suitable for insulating any aspect of your home. Plus, in addition to being versatile, multilayer foil insulation is economical because the installation results in very little waste. You can either install a single layer or multiple layers of foil insulation, and you can mix it with other products.

Call the Experts at SuperFOIL to Learn More about Multilayer Foil Insulation

Here at SuperFOIL, we’re just as proud of our customer service offering as we are the quality of our products, which is why we welcome you to contact us on 01636 639 900 with any questions. One of our experts, located at SuperFOIL Insulation, Black Horse Farm, Main Street, Norwell, Newark, NG23 6JN, will be delighted to take your call and put you through to a local, trusted distributor.


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