Helping people struggling with heating bills stay warm this winter

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of foil insulation products, we know that there are millions of families facing real financial hardship because of the rising cost of heating this winter.

As well as investing to produce our cost effective, high performance insulation in greater quantities to meet demand, we’re also helping people who are struggling within our local community.

Within our home city of Lincoln, we’re backing a scheme to provide packs of essential items to people who are finding it hard to cover their heating bills due to the rising cost of living.

RadPacks for Warm Packs

With the support of Lincolnshire businesses, including SuperFOIL, and with a team of volunteers, Bridge Church in Lincoln is putting together ‘Warm Packs’ which contain a wide range of items which can make a real difference to people in need.

The packs contain blankets, draught excluders, hot water bottles, electric blankets, radiator keys and our own SuperFOIL RadPack Radiator Reflectors.

With a referral system to ensure the items are given to people with the greatest need, it’s hoped that the Warm Packs can make a real difference to people’s lives this winter.

Speaking about our donation of 50 RadPack Radiator Reflectors, Church Leader Sian Bridge said:

“We are working with so many families who are desperately struggling to keep their homes warm so these radiator reflectors will help greatly to keep rooms at a good temperature. It’s so encouraging that businesses can partner with the community to ensure that everyone is helped and supported”

Where to find help this winter

If you’re struggling against the cost of living and the cost of energy this winter, there is help available, wherever you are:

  • Citizens Advice, entitledto and turn2us offer a wide range of advice and guidance for people in the UK
  • AgeUK offers additional support and guidance targeted to older people
  • Scope offers specific advice for people with disabilities
  • Independent Food Aid Network has brought together more than 550 independent food banks around the UK, collating food bank data and arranging food aid initiatives
  • StepChange is an organisation that supports people experiencing money problems with a team of debt experts who can provide financial advice over the phone or online, helping people to make their debts more manageable
  • Energy Saving Trust is an independent, non-profit organisation working with businesses, governments, local authorities and community groups to help households make good energy choices. Visit their website for impartial advice on simple steps you can take to reduce your bills.

There are also charities including food banks, churches and community organisations across the country offering local support.


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