Evolution of Insulation

Insulation evolution


Evolution of Insulation Large


As Building Regulations require improved levels of thermal performance, the need for higher performing insulation has become more important than ever. Many insulation technologies are stuck in the Past and have to rely on adding significant thickness to achieve the required thermal performance.

This is why SuperFOIL is the obvious insulation solution for the Future. When Building Regulations were planning to increase thermal requirements in 2010 & 2014, SuperFOIL was already working hard to develop products to meet this demand head on. By doing this we now have the highest performing and most diverse range of Multifoil Insulation on the market.

Next Generation Multifoils SF40 & SF60 offer the ultimate technological advances in multifoil performance. Continuing to improve thermal performance when traditional insulation has remained the same.

SF40 leads the way with LABC System Approval RD199-0512 offering solutions that maximise performance while further reducing overall build costs and thickness by minimising the need for additional insulation. SF40 is the best choice for great performance and value.

The Future is here with SF60, The World’s Highest Performing Multifoil! There is no competition for SF60’s high performance, providing current “new build” Building Regulation in a wall installation without the need for additional insulation. SF60 offers maximum performance when only the best will do!

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