Concrete Casting – They like it warm!

Concrete Casting

Next Generation SuperFOIL insulation technology will be rolled out in new high performance concrete modular units at the Laing O’Rourke Pre-Cast Factory.

The same thermal technology that has been used for some years by concrete casting companies to speed up curing and increase productivity to 2 pours a day is now to be used to insulate staff and workforce. This is a major investment in next generation insulation technology for the welfare and comfort of its staff.

Concrete Casting 2

SuperFOIL technology was the only technology able to deliver the performance, space saving, low weight and high strength dynamic that the design team required for this class leading project. The thermal efficiency, significant contribution to energy savings and resulting green footprint, made SF40 the most obvious choice.

Concrete Casting

This step forward by Laing O’Rourke represents a new level of performance, one that all pod and modular manufacturers will be aspiring to. Everything from modular prisons, kit hotels and disasterrelief shelters, to rapid deployment accommodation for the NGO’s will benefit from the technology that’s been incorporated in this project. The combination of high performance, air-tightness and radiant barrier from this easy to use, lightweight and dust-free material is unmatched by traditionalinsulation. SuperFOIL SF40 used in this project was supplied by the Nottingham Branch of Encon Insulation.

SuperFOIL, the future of insulation.


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