What is Multifoil Insulation?

Multifoil insulation is high performance insulation that’s flexible, adaptable, easy to use and it outperforms other insulation whilst taking up a fraction of the space. It offers exceptional thermal resistance, forms a barrier to water vapour and it reflects radiant heat.

With so many households struggling with rising energy costs, multifoil is an effective way to reduce household heating costs and improve efficiency.

What is Multifoil insulation by SuperFOIL?

Multifoil insulation by SuperFOIL is a high performance, certified 3 in 1 product which is lightweight, and benefits from either a vapour control layer or breathable membrane, depending on the type. 

In simple terms, it will help protect your home from condensation while helping the inside to stay at a comfortable temperature, no matter what time of year it is. SuperFOIL insulation is made from up to 40% recycled materials, and is easy to install into the home. 

Multifoil is a combination of fibre wadding and layers of aluminium foil. Essentially, the foil serves as a thermal insulator and barrier to radiant heat, reflecting the heat to ensure that warm air stays inside (or outside, depending on the weather!).

SuperFOIL offers high thermal resistance using a fraction of the space required for other insulation types, by using layers of wadding and foil combined. In fact, our 45 mm thick SuperFOIL SF19+ insulation, with 2 air spaces,  provides the same thermal performance as 175mm of mineral wool, or 110mm of foam board (within a wall).  

Why choose SuperFOIL?

Not only does Multifoil outperform other insulation types using less space, it is also extremely lightweight, flexible and easy to fix in position. With a durable lifespan of over 50 years, SuperFOIL is packaged in a roll, making transportation much more simple and efficient than other types of insulations, which are bulky and awkward to handle. 

The flexibility of SuperFOIL enables you to fix it round corners and over and in between the rafters in a continuous layer, without taking up much-needed space. You can even use a staple gun to hold it in place.

Unlike other types of insulation, it can also be easily cut with a stanley knife or a pair of scissors and there’s no need for eye or face protection as the insulation doesn’t produce airborne fibres when handled.

Combined with foil tape, multifoil rolls can be stuck together side by side to produce an airtight layer of insulation and it can be fixed in place by being stapled and taped before being fixed between wooden battens. Combined with other additional layers or with other insulation types, multifoil can achieve an even greater performance.

Although it’s more expensive than glass wool, multifoil is cheaper than most board or sheet insulation and it also has a lifespan of over 50 years, far more than the 10-15 year lifespan of glass wool. 

If you’re looking to insulate your loft, Multifoil will provide you with the same or better insulation than glass wool, whilst taking up as little as half of the space.

With SuperFOIL being so thin and versatile, it can be used for your floor, walls and roof, depending on the needs of your home. 

Are there different types of Multifoil by SuperFOIL?

Yes there are! There are different grades of multifoil available in a range of different thicknesses, with the thicker materials offering the best thermal performance. This makes our range ideal for a wide variety of applications, including restorations and refits, new-builds, timber-frame constructions, outbuildings, loft conversions and camper vans.

Our grades range from 30mm SF6, 65mm SF40, and 100mm SF60 – the highest performing multifoil on the market. Thermal insulation is measured by U-Value, and is very useful when comparing different types of insulation to determine which is the best option within your budget. 

Want to feel the high quality for yourself? You are able to order your own sample pack – free of charge with postage covered by us!  

If you’d like any further information or have any questions, please get in touch with us here.


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