Wembley Central Building 2


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Part of a £60 million regeneration project for the centre of Wembley, Building 2 is a mixed-use development consisting of 20,000ft² of retail space at ground level, an 86 bed hotel over two floors and 38 executive apartments.


Built directly above Wembley Central Train and Underground Station, which remained operational throughout construction, Wembley Central Building 2 was built between November 2013 and February 2015 at a cost of £28 million. SuperFOIL SF40 insulation and SuperFOIL Superior Tape was used to create a high performance insulation system with a u-value of just 0.15 W/m²K. 


Overall, the Wembley Central development provides 120,000ft² of new retail and leisure space, 23,000ft², an 86-bedroom hotel with a bar/restaurant, and 273 apartments, including 85 affordable homes. In addition to the new public square, a refurbished 24-hour multi-storey car park, new public WC facilities, and a significantly enhanced tube and train station are features of the scheme.


Situated above an important transport hub, the Wembley Central development was  a flagship project to transform a busy area of London.


With a modern and eye-catching design, the hotel and residential apartment blocks of Building 2 are constructed in a lightweight steel frame faced with a combination of a coloured rain screen and Sto render. In its design, the project’s architects wanted high performance insulation without increasing the thickness of the external cladding.


Ensuring a minimal wall thickness is an important concern for developers in locations where land value is high and space is at a premium. Reducing the thickness of the structure is attractive because it creates more living space on the inside, increasing the value of the property. There are also aesthetic reasons for aiming for a slimmer wall profile which was an important consideration for this development which is characterised by it’s modern, stylish design.


Measuring just 65mm thick and delivering a u-value as low as 0.22 W/m²K when used as a single layer of wall insulation, SuperFOIL SF40 is the UK’s most cost effective multi-foil insulation on the market.


Paired with SuperFOIL Superior Tape, our high performance fully reinforced foil tape for sealing all seams, joints and edges of SuperFOIL multi-foil insulation, the team was able to meet the clients needs for thermal resistance with just a few centimetres of insulation.


SuperFOIL SF40’s un-matched performance and highly reflective foil layers allowed the architect to specify a solution to achieve the u-value target of 0.15 without using excessively thick panels. 


SF40’s thermal performance is certified by LABC and BBA, making the product the ideal solution for this development. The product is also CE certified for its performance as a vapour control layer and water barrier.


SF40 is easy to fit, easy to handle and produces minimal wastage and the product is made with up to 40% recycled material. As an approved LABC Registered System, the product also saves time and money by streamlining Building Regulation applications.


SuperFOIL’s multi-foil insulation is composed of layers of wadding in between sheets of reinforced and metallised film. This enables the insulation to prevent heat radiation and create a barrier to the movement of air and vapour helping to prevent draughts and, as a CE certified vapour-barrier, help to reduce condensation risks.


With SuperFOIL SF40, the residents and hotel guests at Wembley Central Building 2 will enjoy well-insulated, safe and stylish accommodation for many decades to come thanks to the product’s life expectancy of more than 50 years.


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