“The Woodshed”




Self Build workshop



An empty space that had been left below an adventurous, architectural sundeck that had been built a number of years before. Kyle was looking to transform the space into something useful for him and his family.

A new build project, with the need of insulation for the ceiling and walls.


Built below an existing deck, it was an empty space looking for a purpose.

The new build already had a roof formed from a fibreglass system due to the sundeck above, so it was important that the workspace had the correct insulation to ensure that there was no risk of condensation

With a lack of space, Kyle was looking for something that would be space-saving, whilst remaining affordable and easy to install for one person.


After requesting a U-value and condensation risk analysis from our technical team, Kyle worked with the team to come up with the perfect solution.

After discussion, it was decided that Kyle would use a layer of STFV alongside SF19+ on the roof. This was to ensure that there was no risk of condensation due to the existing flat roof construction and lack of ventilation this construction offered.

SF19+ was used on the walls of the project, which provides an R-value of 2.97 when installed in a wall application, it also provided a radiant barrier and vapour control layer to the installation.

Kyle installed the insulation himself, reporting that the products were “easy to cut and use, which was great”, as well as being ” clean, dust-free, non-smelling or scratchy ” like other traditional insulation types which was a “massive benefit”.

When asked why he chose to use SuperFOIL, Kyle said that it’s “Relatively affordable, new technology. Space-saving on height and wall voids. Easy to install on my own and my daughters love the silver room, spaceship interior!!”