“Project Doghouse”




New build shed Conversion




When lockdown hit Big Dog Little Dog (a small social enterprise helping organisations to improve the way that they support people suffering from poor mental health), they soon found they were unable to deliver their important mental health training to other businesses.

With thoughts of the future, it was decided that they needed to be able to deliver their training remotely from a convenient location. With a little planning, a new 9sqm shed was purchased and converted into an external broadcasting studio to allow delivery of their mental health awareness training.


Kevin was looking for something to insulate the whole of his newly built garden shed to make it suitable to use as a broadcasting studio for delivering mental health training. With a need to provide excellent value for money whilst still providing high thermal performance in a thin product, the search was on.

Self-proclaimed to be rubbish at DIY, it was important to find a product that was simple to install and didn’t require any specialist tools.

Kevin was looking for something that wouldn’t require too much work after installation, and decided to opt for something that he would be able to cover with OSB or with fabric.


Kevin decided to use SuperFOIL SFBA MP bubble foil to insulate the inside of his newly built shed. Insulating the roof, walls and doors. It was important to get a product that provided good value for money whilst still providing a high thermal performance so that it would be comfortable to work in the building, whatever the weather.

SuperFOIL SFBA MP is bubble foil insulation. At only 3mm thick it is the perfect insulation for sheds and other similar buildings. Providing an R-value of 1.45 when installed in a wall. Our bubble foil insulation is made from corrosive resistant materials and acts as a vapour control layer as well as a radiant barrier.

Kevin stated that he was “SuperRUBBISH at DIY” which is one of the reasons he chose to use the SuperFOIL products, as they are quick and “SuperEASY” to install. SFBA MP made the perfect addition to the broadcasting studio.

Building New Wooden Shed
Inside of Wooden Shed
Flooring in Outdoor Wooden Shed
Insulation for Outdoor Wooden Shed
Insulation for Outdoor Wooden Shed
Inside Wall of Wooden Shed
Insulation in Outdoor Shed
Black Wooden Shed in Garden