Hawthorne Square


Envision Contracting Ltd


Office conversion into residential dwellings



A conversion of an old office block based in Wick, UK. Purchased for the price of £1.35m, with the impressive plan to convert the old offices into in to 30 residential units containing a mix of studio and one-bedroom apartments.


Rizwan contacted SuperFOIL as he was looking to insulate the ground floor of the building in as little depth as possible whilst still bringing the building up to a C level of energy efficiency. Working with 1000sqm it was important that the insulation chosen provided great value for money as well as meeting the needs of the project.
As well as this, they wanted to be able to buy the insulation locally to the project and have delivery to the site.


After discussion with our technical experts, it was decided that SFUF would be the best option for Rizwan. At only 6mm thick and suitable to be used directly on a solid floor, this was the most practical solution as it achieved the energy efficiency level needed whilst keeping a slim profile.

Due to having distributors across the country, Rizwan’s building contractor was able to purchase the SFUF locally to the project from Travis Perkins.

When asked why he chose to use SuperFOIL for this project, Rizwan stated SFUF was used “to achieve our u-value and bring the structure to a C level of energy efficiency. SuperFOIL was extremely easy to install and easy to cut and join using basic SuperFOIL tape”.

Our technical specialist Dean stated “We have worked closely with Rizwan and his building contractor since the beginning of his conversion project. It was vital to get the correct product first time to achieve everything Rizwan needed to achieve, and this was done by using two layers of SFUF”.