Calculate The Value Of Your Home Renovations

Making the decision to renovate can be a brilliant way to give your home a new lease of life, make it more energy-efficient or give your family a little more room to grow.

Whether it’s as little as a paint refresh or something more ambitious such as aloft conversion or creating a driveway, it’s useful to know which projects will be more profitable than others. However, if you’re not planning to sell up any time soon, why not invest in a project which not only increase’s your home value but also helps with your day-to-day home expenses?

Installing insulation within a brand-new conversion or an existing roof is a brilliant way to do just this. It’s estimated that up to 25% of heat loss occurs through an uninsulated roof. By making your property more energy-efficient, you can not only expect cheaper energy bills, but it’s also known to improve your property’s EPC score and thus home value.

Based on the national average house value of £228,147 (source, January 2019), the money Matters blog team at Sainsbury’s Bank have created an interactive tool to help you calculate your home renovations and decide on what the right project for your budget is and uncover where you could add the most value to their home.

All that’s needed is the home value and your renovation budget. Whatever project you choose to carry out, make sure you consider both the short and long-term benefits of the renovation


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