Build It Awards – Finalists 2013, 2014, 2015!

Build it 2015

We are pleased to announce that for the third year running SuperFOIL has secured a place in the finals of the annual Build It Awards! This year’s finalist position was secured by the innovative SF19BB Breathable Insulation. Launched in January 2015, SF19BB has set the performance goalpost very high and is becoming very popular with Architects and Builders alike.

SF19BB is a thermal insulation which is fully breathable and W1 Watertight allowing it to be installed in both walls and roof situations in place of a standard breather membrane.

Leading the way in multi foil technology, SuperFOIL continues its legacy of innovation by developing each and every component where ever possible, such as nano coating technology, for superior performance improvements. SF19BB picks up the baton passed on by its predecessors offering unrivalled efficiency in installation by installing one product that performs two functions.

SF19BB contributes substantially to other essentials of efficiency, such as air tightness and as a radiant barrier. SuperFOIL SF19BB meets the Requirements of Building Regulations Part L & BR443 and is tested in accordance with EN16012.

SF19BB is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle and manoeuvre in tight spaces. It is easy to cut, non-hazardous with no special requirements for installation or disposal of waste. In fact, SuperFOIL is manufactured with up to 40% recyclable materials and the flexibility of the product minimises the creation of waste making SuperFOIL even greater value.

SuperFOIL SF19BB, as with all SuperFOIL products, is ideally suited for use in new build, refurbishment and renovation projects. Customers also have access to detailed installation guidance and a U- Value calculation service is available to assist with Building Regulation applications.

• Fully Breathable and W1 Watertight
>• No need for additional breather Membrane
• Reduces the need for additional insulation below rafters
• Minimises total build thickness
• Meets Requirements of Building Regulations
• Lightweight, Easy to cut, Easy to handle
• Non-Hazardous, no special equipment needed!


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