Boost energy efficiency with flooring insulation

In these days of high energy costs, we’re all looking for ways to reduce our energy bills and one of the most obvious routes is to have a look at where we can best insulate our homes.

Naturally, we look upwards to the loft – traditionally the place where insulation happens and is most effective. If we’re lucky, our walls may be already insulated but if not, this is another place we could apply a traditional solution.

What many of us don’t know is that our floor is also an excellent place for an insulation solution. It’s estimated that one-tenth of a home’s energy escapes through the flooring, due to either outdated insulating products, or none at all.

Of course, taking up the floor simply to add insulation isn’t quite as easy as insulating a loft. That said, if you’re a homeowner considering replacing your existing floor or a builder renovating a residential or commercial property, we might just have the perfect product for you.

 SuperFOIL UnderFloor (SFUF) insulation has been designed with all underfloor heating types in mind. This is a product designed to an exceptionally high standard, and it includes a specialist polythene top layer to apply the insulation directly under screeding.

But before we talk about the benefits of SFUF, let’s have a quick look at multifoil insulation itself, discovering the benefits of this product which is growing in popularity.

What is multifoil insulation?

Multifoil insulation is comprised of insulating wadding, sandwiched between thin reflective film layers. The composition makes it highly versatile, including its application, its use alongside other types of insulation, the U-values it can achieve and its installation.

What makes SuperFOIL different?

SuperFOIL is an affordable multifoil insulation as described above. However, it is head and shoulders above the rest because of its unique 3 in 1 design. As well as providing insulation, SuperFOIL products include a radiant barrier and vapour control layer, meaning that you protect your project from condensation and that your home will be at the right temperature, whatever the season.

All our multifoils use the same modern technology meaning that you know you are buying a world-class, quality product. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the needs of all new building regulations.

How does SuperFOIL work under timber flooring?

For years, builders have used mineral wool to pack around flooring joists. It’s a traditional material but it’s bulky, whereas SuperFOIL is light, flexible and has far better thermal performance. It can be used directly over joists, creating an airtight seal on the underside of the floorboards which reduces draughts and moisture ingress from below.

Does it work beneath solid floors?

Yes it does! In fact, SFUF has been specially designed with solid floors in mind. It has a built-in protective layer, meaning that the top of the product can be screeded without worrying about causing damage to the insulation. SFUF is ideal for insulating underfloor radiant heating pipes. It has grid markings to assist the installation process.

SFUF insulation is extremely thin, measuring just 6mm in thickness. As we’ve mentioned, despite its sleekness SFUF still delivers the high thermal performance that SuperFOIL is known for, making it the perfect solution for installations where floor depth is limited. It is typically installed with the use of no air gaps and has minimal compression and it’s also easy to install, with minimal wastage.

This inherent sustainability extends to that of your home, because installing SuperFOIL products improves its energy efficiency considerably.

  • If you’re considering a renovation project or a new-build and you need under floor insulation, contact us for more information and a quote. We’re a friendly, family firm that prides itself on excellent customer service and top-quality products. Alternatively, we can be contacted by ringing 01636 639900.

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