7 Reasons to Complete CPD Training

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, and the training is available for practically every industry and field. No matter where you work, it’s worth investing time into your professional development to guarantee that you’re performing your role as efficiently as possible. From radiopharmacy to air conditioning, CPD training lets you be confident your services are up to industry standard, so you aren’t behind any competitors!

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 7 reasons to complete CPD training. We’ll also cover which members of your staff will benefit most from the sessions.

1. CPD Training Is A Recognised Qualification

You want to do everything within your power to demonstrate your dedication to customers. Having a qualification to support your investment in the knowledge of your staff sets you apart! With a badge of CPD training, you are proving that you are constantly exploring your industry, making discoveries, and tailoring your services accordingly. If your competitors aren’t doing the same, you’re a stand-out straight away.

2. CPD Training Increases Your Staff Value

Of course, the more intelligent and confident your staff members are, the smoother all of your business will run. Encouraging your staff with additional CPD training keeps them on their toes so that they can learn beyond their roles. New challenges and questions can give a new lease of life to employees you’ve had for years. CPD training can even inform potential promotions if you realise your workers are capable of more.

3. CPD Training Informs New Services

Studying your industry at length in CPD training can shape your business development. Incredible discoveries in technology and science are constantly being made. Your training allows you to consider how you could offer a better experience. For example, suppose you’re an insulation installer, and a new invention means more efficient insulation than ever. In that case, you should introduce a service installing that material.

4. CPD Training Betters Time Management

Setting aside time in your working day to complete CPD training requires time management skills. Staff will need to prioritise tasks they should finish before leaving for training, which employs forethought, memory, and planning from your team. CPD training can also be as flexible or specific as you’d like, so time management is necessary to decide how long you’ll spend on different learning elements.

5. CPD Training Keeps Staff Engaged

CPD can help your workers increase their understanding of the benefits and implications of the service they provide, which often leads to increased engagement and dedication to their role. New challenges help employees develop their leadership skills, where they mentor and manage others. The Association for Project Management requires at least 35 hours of CPD to be completed by members every year.

6. CPD Training Introduces Experts

Through prioritising self-development, your workforce increases their practical knowledge by speaking with experts in your profession. Professionals in your field could have decades of experience on top of your staff, so their advice can be crucial in maturing your workforce. CPD training gives any staff member the time to approach thought-leaders they admire and ask any questions they’re curious about. Connecting with experts in your field can be equally exciting for all levels of your workforce.

7. CPD Training Is Affordable

Whether you feel comfortable arranging CPD training on your own or would like the assistance of a specialised provider, there are options to suit your budget. For example, SuperFOIL specialises in CPD, covering modern construction and insulation methods, building regulations and multifoil installation. The amount of sessions you request is entirely down to you and whatever suits your needs. Email [email protected] to find out more.


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