Week 7 – 0.13U SuperFOIL “Duet” Insulation Solution

Our 3rd insulation solution in this month’s series is ideal for a New-Build pitched roof. The build-up features SuperFOIL SF19BB...

0.13 Insulation Solution

Week 7 – 0.13U SuperFOIL “Duet” Insulation Solution

This Month’s Solutions will focus on Pitched Roof Insulation to achieve a u-value of 0.13

0.13 Insulation SolutionOur 3rd insulation solution in this month’s series is ideal for a New-Build pitched roof. The build-up features SuperFOIL SF19BB installed above rafters in place of a breather membrane, SuperFOIL SF40 applied under the rafters and only 50mm of Rigid Foam Board insulation between rafters to achieve current New-Build Building Regulations for a u-value of 0.13

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Week 7 - 0.13U - Insulation Solution

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