Introducing our new Shed Conversion Kit

Working from home is great, and so is enjoying the garden. To help more people make the most of the remote working revolution, we’re launching a new SuperFOIL SFBA Shed Conversion Kit.

Stay warm in your shed

We’re already well known for our simple-to-fit foil insulation which is perfect for loft conversions, renovations or new builds, but this new kit is perfect for creating a home office even if you don’t have space inside your actual house.

In one neat kit, we’re giving you everything you’ll need to keep a shed, conservatory or outbuilding comfortable and warm, even in the depth of winter. Each unit contains three rolls of SuperFOIL SFBA bubble insulation, two rolls of foil tape and two rolls of double sided tape… we even give you a staple gun.

This is enough insulation to cover 21m² and our SFBA insulation serves as a barrier to radiant heat and it’s also waterproof and vapour resistant so moisture can’t pass through your walls, floor or ceiling to spoil your energy efficiency. Better yet, it’s made with corrosion resistant materials so it has a longer lifespan than other bubble foil products on the market.

Warmer, drier, more comfortable outbuildings

This insulation has a core performance R Value of 0.12 or 1.03 when used in a roof, 1.45 in walls and 2.77 in a floor.

Thanks to its clever construction our bubble foil insulation reflects 97% of radiant energy meaning that your shed will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It’s also easy to install, making it perfect for a satisfying DIY job. Simply roll it out as a continuous layer, ensuring there’s an overlap at each join, and then staple to fix into place. Once in place, seal the joins with SuperFOIL tape. There is minimal waste and no mess!

You’ll find our new SuperFOIL Shed Conversion Kit in stores including Wickes, Woodies, Trago and Stacks.

To find out more about our range of bubble foil insulation, click here.


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