3 Methods to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

Ways to keep your home warm in winter

Trying to keep your home warm in the winter is one of the many plights any homeowner eventually faces. We all know it. It’s no secret. After all, having to put on more layers of clothes to keep warm, or having to increase your heating expenses for the duration of the whole season is not a desirable outcome.

Plus, not only will a home with poor insulation cost you more in the winter, but it will also overwork your heating system, potentially reducing its lifespan over time.

So then, what can be done? Well, we decided to share with all of you 3 ways you can potentially keep your home warm in the winter: 

1. Investing in curtains is a pretty smart move

If you are looking for a quick, convenient solution, curtains can be a great choice, provided they are thick enough. Thing is, a lot of heat usually gets out through the windows. You can try your best to keep the window seals in top shape, but the performance of your windows is still going to be significantly lower than your walls.

With some nice, thick curtains, preferably with thermal lining, you can seriously reduce even the amount of heat that seeps out. Actually, if you are really looking for budget-friendly solutions, you can even use PVC shower curtains.

Just don’t forget to open the curtains when it’s particularly sunny outside. Yes, that does sometimes happen on winter days. Free, natural heat is nothing to shy away from.
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One last thing you need to remember is that you aren’t restricted to using the curtains with the windows. You can even place them in front of any doors that lead outside to add that extra layer of protection.

2. You can always try double glazing your windows

If you are looking for something more efficient than curtains, having double glazed windows can work to your advantage. The main idea is that your windows will be outfitted with 2 layers of glass to help reduce heat loss. Other benefits include:

  • Condensation or moisture will not build up, which means the room will not feel colder.
  • Double glazed windows are much more durable and they do not break easily.
  • Quality sound insulation, in addition to the thermal one, which might be important if you like your peace and quiet.

However, the pricing is something you will most likely not enjoy. Double glazed windows, and double glazing services in general are rather expensive. For instance, double glazing a full house casement with 12 windows will cost you around £4,500, if not more.

3. Multi-layered foil insulation is probably the right way to keep your home warm in the winter

Why? Because it can really help out when it comes to preventing heat from escaping your home. Plus, the foil insulation products we offer don’t come with restrictions regarding what areas you can cover. They can be installed anywhere where that heat loss might be a problem.

Moreover, not only will you improve the energy-efficiency of your home with multi-layered foil insulation, but you will be able to do it for a reasonable price. Not to mention that you can handle the installation on your own, since these products are very easy to use. Without a doubt, this is the most effective way to keep your home warm during the cold season.

If you would like to find out more, we welcome you to get in touch with us. You will have all your questions answered, and you will receive a free samples pack that includes relevant data sheets as well.



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