Rafters Exposed!

Rafters Exposed!

Leaving roof timbers exposed, so the charm of natural wood can be enjoyed, has never been more popular than in recent years. In this case, the client wanted a tongue & groove panelled ceiling with the ENTIRE depth of the large rafters exposed. However, achieving Thermal Performance for Building Regulations with all of the insulation on top caused considerable complications. The original suggestion was Traditional Foam Board, but with the current higher regs it meant 150mm depth of board. The builder was concerned about meeting regs with the heavy roof tiles if installed onto 150mm of foam board. The need for additional structural fixings and supports, would also prove to create a bigger challenge of sourcing an appropriate fixing long enough for the job.

He contacted us through the SuperFOIL Contact Us Form hoping we could offer a better solution. We designed a solution using SuperFOIL SF19BB which is both an insulation and a breather membrane in one.  No need for any additional membrane or a breather batten.  The foam board was reduced by approx. half, making the install much easier, more cost effective and met the requirements for structural integrity of the roof.

Exposed Rafters


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