New Products, New Solutions – U-values & Building Regs

SF19+ & SF19BB

At the beginning of the year SF19+ & SF19BB were both added to the SuperFOIL range of insulations adding exciting new options and unrivalled versatility to how you meet building regs on your project.

With the introduction SF19BB you now have the ability to install a Insulation and breather membrane in one; saving materials and labour compared to installing separately as well as reducing the roof build up.

With the addition of SF19+ to our range we now have a new and improved version of our most popular insulation SF19 making it easier than ever before to meet build regulation requirements.

Below are just a few examples of how you can use SF19+ & SF19BB to your advantage on your project to meet both new build & retrofit requirements.


SuperFOIL SF19BB + 90mm HD Foam Between Rafters0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + 140mm HD Foam Between Rafters0.13U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + 130mm Glass Wool Between Rafters0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + SuperFOIL SF400.16U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + SuperFOIL SF600.14U

SF19+ Solutions

SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 75mm HD Foam Between Rafters0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 130mm HD Foam Between Rafters0.13U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 120mm Glass Wool Between Rafters0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + SuperFOIL SF400.16U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + SuperFOIL SF600.14U


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