Loft Conversions Made Easy!

Nick, an experienced loft converter in Norwich, needed a cost effective solution for insulating his clients Loft Conversion. In any construction, it is important to control costs. With current building regulations requiring a u-value of 0.18 in the roof, the cost of a loft conversion can quickly begin to add up. Finding the most cost effective materials that deliver the required performance is one thing, but what if you can find a product that saves money on installation cost as well.


Traditional foam insulation would require at least 140mm, it’s a fiddly, time consuming job of cutting it to fit between the rafters. To make sure that the board fits tightly between the rafters takes a lot of time and there are always gaps, you can’t achieve airtightness and there is a lot of wasted materials, time and money.


The Solution: SuperFOIL Insulation

That’s why Nick turned to SuperFOIL. After speaking to SuperFOIL ’s technical advisor’s, Nick was given a solution using SF40 with a 35mm insulated plasterboard under for a u-value of 0.18. Nick was very pleased with the level of support available from the SuperFOIL team who provided u-value calculations for the building inspector and support finding a competitive discount deal from a local builder’s merchant distributor. Not only did he have a solution for his loft conversion but now he had the information and confidence of knowing he could achieve his goal and reduce his overall material cost and improved profit margin.


What Nick didn’t expect was just how much easier and faster SuperFOIL was to install compared to cutting and fitting the foam board insulation he was used to. Nick said “the SF40 was installed in no time at all” he continued “it was SO much faster and easier than foam board. The plasterboard is already up and we can get on with the rest of the job!”      Job Done!


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