Approved Installer Programme: Building An Industry Standard For Thermal Insulation

Are you an insulation installer, builder, or roofer looking to enhance your expertise and be a part of the future of thermal insulation?

Vision Behind The Approved Installer Programme (AIP)

Today, the construction industry is driven by energy efficiency and sustainability standards and the importance of home insulation in the mix cannot be overstated. SuperFOIL Insulation has been a leading provider of high-performance multifoil insulation solutions for the UK market. However, our commitment extends far beyond supplying top-tier products; it’s about ensuring they are installed to the highest standards. This dedication to innovation and finding a better way to do things has driven us to launch our latest initiative: the Approved Installer Programme (AIP).

Why Does The Approved Installer Programme Matter?

Even the best insulation products may fall short of achieving their expected performance levels when installed incorrectly, potentially compromising their lifespan. 

While the market is flooded with different insulation products, the standard for insulation installation is often dependent on the installer’s qualifications and experience. SuperFOIL recognises the role that proper installation plays in achieving the expected thermal performance, energy efficiency, and overall comfort levels in homes. 

In terms of multifoil insulation, proper installation is key to ensuring consistent and optimal thermal performance year-round. When installed properly, multifoils guarantee a home’s energy performance and minimises temperature fluctuations between rooms, condensation, water leaks, cold floors, and high energy bills.

What sets multifoils apart is their lightweight and easy-to-install design, reducing the chances of incorrect installation compared to traditional insulation types. However, at SuperFOIL, we aim for a 100% success rate with every multifoil installation rather than just decreasing the likelihood of a wrong installation.

What Is Your Role In This Transformation?

SuperFOIL takes pride in helping thousands of homeowners each year in enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes and we are looking to build strong partnerships with companies like yours to continue the same. If you are an insulation installer, builder, or roofer, here’s your opportunity to be a part of redefining the industry standard for multifoil installation. 

We want to ensure that homeowners get the best out of SuperFOIL products, services and our team. Through the Approved Installer Programme, SuperFOIL is building a direct link between homeowners and a selected set of specially trained and approved install professionals, guaranteeing that every multifoil installation meets the highest quality and workmanship standards. 

As we set these benchmarks, we are reinforcing that every SuperFOIL product purchased by our customers over the years will reflect our guarantee of an energy-efficient home, and you are at the forefront of this transformation!

What’s In It For You?

Once you have enrolled in our Approved Installer Programme, you can expect;

  • Free Entry: No subscription fee is required to join the programme.

  • Certification: Approved multifoil installer certification 

  • High-Quality Leads: Connect with up to 1,500 high-quality leads, linking you with homeowners seeking your expertise.

  • Generous Rebates: Enjoy generous rebates based on the quantity of SuperFOIL products you install.

  • Technical Support: Receive expert technical support, training, and guidance from our experts to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Resource Access: Get exclusive access to expert technical guides and promotional materials.

  • Business Growth: Expand your business and increase your income by becoming a trusted SuperFOIL installer.

How Do We Achieve The Standards?

It is important that Installers who are referred by us to the end users want to do the best job possible. We expect our Approved Installers to go the extra mile in providing the best installation and customer service. This means delivering realistic project times, keeping in touch with the customer, and actively seeking solutions when challenges arise. 

At SuperFOIL, we work as a team, and we encourage our installers to do the same. AIP is our promise of quality, reliability, and peace of mind every time a customer chooses SuperFOIL Insulation, meaning anyone looking to enhance their home’s energy efficiency is in capable hands. To achieve this level of success, we guarantee that you will have all the necessary training and support every step of the way.

Join the SuperFOIL Approved Installer Programme today and be part of our mission to redefine the standards for thermal insulation together. 

Sign up now: https://www.superfoil.co.uk/approved-installer-form/

Contact: Gary Mumby, Programme Manager

01636 639900   [email protected]


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