LABC Registered Detail 2014


LABC Registered Detail 2014

LABC registered detail certification has been confirmed for 2014. SuperFOIL appreciates the confidence of the LABC in confirming LABC Registered Detail for SuperFOIL in 2014.

SuperFOIL believe greatly in the benefit of LABC registration which we have supported since its inception.

In a globally changing world where even within Europe there are a variety of progressions of standards, LABC have sought to find a route that has the best of all worlds for the UK consumers. LABC approval is seen as a badge of product quality in the UK and far and wide in Europe.


Lofts – Cash Converters

Lofts – Cash Converters

With Loft converters worried about the rising cost of foam board and the new building regulations. SuperFOIL were asked by one of the countries leading Loft Converters to work out savings using SuperFOIL solutions.

On a comparison of materials SuperFOIL is the most competitive every time. For the new building regulations those savings increase by up to 200%. When you also include the savings from less waste, speed of install, savings on manpower, reduced storage and transport and not forgetting the airtightness, vapour barrier and radiant barrier you can see why modern SuperFOIL solutions are better and more economical than traditional foam board solutions.

Old 2013 Building Regulations

Traditional Board SpecTarget U-ValueSuperFOIL SpecSaving (per square meter)
Vertical Wall Sections – 90mm Between Studs0.28SF40
(exceeds target U-value)
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 40mm Below0.18SF40
+ 50mm Board Between
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 40mm Below0.18SF40
+ 35mm Board Below
Ceiling Level Insulation 100mm between + 50mm Under0.16SF40
+ 50mm Board Below
Sloping Roof Sections – 80mm Between + 50mm Below0.18SF40
+ 35mm Board Below

New 2014 Building Regulations

Traditional Board SpecTarget U-ValueSuperFOIL SpecSaving (per square meter)
Vertical Wall Sections – 160mm Between Studs0.18SF60£5.85
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 90mm Below0.13SF40 Duet (2 Layers)£3.71
Sloping Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 90mm Below0.13SF40 Duet (2 Layers)£3.71

SFips Timber Frame Panel Production

SFips Timber Frame Panel Production

Our camera caught the action during production of the first SFips panels at a leading timber frame supplier. SFips are the insulation industries latest development to meet the new 2014 regulations coming in this month.

SFips, is short for Superfoil Insulated Panel System, SFips meet the new 2014 thermal performance standards by factory fitting 1 single layer of the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation.

The benefit of SFips timber frame panels are that the construction is factory controlled, giving a high precision, high performance timber frame that can be significantly slimmer than the majority of glass wool or foam board panels.

Walls thickness has grown a lot as thermal performance regulations have become tougher, with walls often in excess of 350mm thick. Thinner walls give home owners more floor space for the same price, or allow better development of a site as less site area has to devoted to the walls. In a tight site with multiple dwellings the wall savings can even result in space for extra rooms or even an entire dwelling.

SFips are economical on materials as well as manpower, with less timber, less waste, less cutting and less storage. SFips factory based production is not affected by the weather. Factory made SFips guarantee efficiency in every aspect.

SFips Timber frame panels are transported to site already insulated, as well as water and air tight complete with a radiant barrier, reducing construction time even further. SFips provide a ready made service cavity and all services are contained with in the warm envelope which not only protects them from the cold but ensure there are no penetrations that can affect air tightness and reduce thermal performance.

To inquire about SFips for your project contact

SFips Construction

Cold weather, is it a sticky issue for you?

Cold weather, is it a sticky issue for you?

Cold Weather Tape

Superfoil has both standard tape and a high performance cold weather tape, using tape on insulation reduces the passage of air and improves efficiency. It’s always recommended that you “seal” when insulating to reduce or eliminate any passage of air.

Superfoil cold weather tape is a higher performance tape and makes the task easy and efficient. A customer called Vincent had the following to say:

This tape is infinitely better than the previous foil. Sticks just as well, but is much easier to apply and use. Many thanks

Ask for Superfoil Cold Weather tape when specifying, it’s 100mm wide by 40m long.

Barn Conversion: SF40 leads the way

Barn Conversion: SF40 Leads The Way!

SF40 Barn Conversion 2

Ensuring a good performance on a barn conversion is a detail that needs a lot of attention. Barn converter Andrew saw the benefits of SF40, including the flexibility, high performance and easy to achieve air tightness, without the drawbacks of thermal bridging when using board between timbers (even in an existing building that can have its own peculiarities of construction).

SF40 in 2 layers provides solutions to around the U0.13 level of efficiency.

SF40 Barn Conversion

SFips A Shining Example Of High Tech Insulation

SFips A Shining Example Of High Tech Insulation

Using SFips this super insulated building boasts performance exceeding current and even new building regulations due in April. To find out how SFips (the Superfoil Insulated Panel System) using SF60, the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation, can meet your needs contact us at

SuperFOIL SFips Panels 2

SFips Tastic

SFips Tastic!

Using panels made of SFips, the high performance multifoil panels made with Superfoil SF60, the only panel that can meet the upcoming new 2014 regs in a single layer of multifoil, this “tool shed” would be at home in the Arctic never mind the EU… It’s the highest insulation performance tool shed we know of. Is this the worlds most insulated tool shed?

SuperFOIL SFips Panel Shed

Bosch, Professional Tools & SuperFOIL

Bosch, Professional Tools & SuperFOIL Insulation

The Bosch GUS 10,8 V-LI Cordless Universal Shears

A professional cutting tool increases efficiency, the Bosch GUS 10,8V cordless cutting tool makes short work of cutting All SuperFOIL insulation products to size. Here you can see it making short work of cutting the 100mm thick SF60!

Available direct from SuperFOIL and at all good tool shops, eBay & Amazon.

Prague gets a SuperFOIL Spring

Prague gets a SuperFOIL Spring

SuperFOIL has the benefit of being tested to International Standards that are recognised worldwide. Now through the focused work of our Eastern European distributor Globtrade LjubIjana with local resellers and the Czech Authorities we are able to add Czech Building Standards approval to our list of approvals making it easy for builders and architects to use and specify SuperFOIL.

Scotland Proactive Performance with SF40

Scotland Proactive Performance with SF40

SuperFOIL were asked to find a thermally efficient and space economical solution for cold walls in a typical Scottish building. The solution was SF40, this gives a high performance simple single layer solution, improving the thermal insulation of a wall to a performance higher than current regulation requirements.

Aberdeenshire Council Infrastructure Services approved SF40 and the design detail solution “we accept SuperFOIL insulation for use within the wall construction”. Byron Lawson business development at SuperFOIL who liaised with Aberdeenshire Council said “Aberdeenshire have approved the use of SF40″ he went on to say, “SF40 gives a cost effective solution in a single layer that exceeds the current building regulation requirements, its perfect for high performance in new build or retrofit and its performance exceeds other manufacturers products”.

SF40 Scotland

SuperFOIL Solutions for the 2014 Scottish Building Regulations

SuperFOIL Solutions for the 2014 Scottish Building Regulations

Scottish Building Regs 2014

Making efforts to innovate and drive standards forward The Scottish Government are improving building regulations to support “A low carbon building standards strategy for Scotland”. The table below indicates what you will need to achieve for Scottish Building Regulations for Dwellings.

New Regulations Standards and Target Emission Rates (TER):

Main Space Heating System Fuel
Element or SystemU-Value
WallsU = 0.17
FloorsU = 0.15
RoofsU = 0.11

Highlighted above are the U-Values planned for Roofs, Walls and Floors. Below we have listed a selection of the many solutions we have available for Roofs.

Roof Solutions

In preparation for the new Scottish building regulations SuperFOIL have prepared multiple solutions to meet your needs.

Over Rafters

SF19 Duet, 115mm HD Foam Board Between – U-Value 0.11

SF40 Duet,  35mm HD Foam Board between – U-Value 0.11

SF60 Over, 110mm HD Foam Board Between – U-Value 0.11

Under Rafters

SF19 Duet, 115mm HD Foam Board Between – U-Value 0.11

SF40 Duet,  35mm HD Foam Board between – U-Value 0.11

SF60 Under, 110mm HD Foam Board Between – U-Value 0.11

Over/Under Rafters

SF19 Duet, 115mm HD Foam Board Between – U-Value 0.11

SF40 Duet,  35mm HD Foam Board between – U-Value 0.11

Wall Solutions

Call (01636 639900) or email ( to talk directly to one of our experts for a tailor made solution. Here are some general build-up examples:

  • SuperFOIL SF19 Duet – U-Value 0.17
  • SuperFOIL SF40 Duet – U-Value 0.12
  • SuperFOIL SF19 + 60mm High Definition Foam Board – U-Value 0.17
  • SuperFOIL SF40 + 30mm High Definition Foam Board – U-Value 0.17
  • SuperFOIL SF60 + 10mm High Definition Foam Board – U-Value 0.17

Easy Timber Frame Wall Solution

Easy Timber Frame Wall Solution

Timber Wall Solutions
Timber Wall Solutions

These timber frame sections (click for full size) show solutions for a typical modern brick clad timber frame house, using SuperFOIL and or combinations of SuperFOIL, Foam board and old fashioned Mineral Wool.

There are solutions to meet the new England building regulation targets of U 0.18 and we have included 0.16 to exceed the new Scottish regs).

The simplest solution uses just one layer of SF60 on its own, that’s an achievement only SuperFOIL can provide, no other insulation manufacturer can match this.

A Better Solution U0.11

A Better Solution – U0.11

SF60 Duet

An SF60 solution that’s even better than the new building regs requirements! Duet SF60 over and under 100mm rafters U-value 0.11. A high performance solution for very low running costs where energy is an important factor.

SuperFOIL Provides Thin, Thinner and Thinnest Solutions

SuperFOIL Provides Thin, Thinner and Thinnest Solutions

We have prepared a variety of timber wall solutions to meet the needs of any project. SuperFOIL beats its competitors with a range of solutions for timber frame buildings. SuperFOIL SF60 is the only multifoil to provide a single layer solution under the new 2014 building regulations.

Click to enlarge!

SuperFOIL Displays

SuperFOIL Displays

Point of Sales displays are now available for the 2014 year, the first just installed. For use by our foremost distributors and resellers these attractive eye catching displays provide with lots of information about using SuperFOIL as well as displaying the actual product. They are sure to provide customers with better service and promote sales.

SuperFOIL SFTV Amazon Best Seller


Best Seller in Amazon Barriers Category

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of distributors, SuperFOIL SFTV thermal vapour barrier has achieved the number 1 best seller in Amazon’s “Barriers” category.

Solutions for the 2014 Building Regs!

SuperFOIL – Solutions for the 2014 Building Regs!

Building Regulations are due to change in April 2014, new rigorous thermal values show the commitment to the energy efficiency of buildings. SuperFOIL can deliver slim profile single product solutions.

Insulating Roofs – U 0.13. 2014 Regs

To achieve 0.13 U – as in a roof as required by the 2014 Regulations, this panel uses the SuperFoil SF40 Duet design.

SuperFOIL Roof Solutions for Building Regulations

Insulating Walls – U 0.18, 2014 Regs

A significant increase in the insulation requirements for walls for 2014. In this panel SuperFOIL SF60 delivers U 0.18 in one layer.

SuperFOIL Wall Solutions for Building Regulations

Plus with Superfoil of course you have the benefits of:

  • Improving air tightness
  • the benefit of enhanced radiant reflective properties
  • Reducing the overall weight; SuperFoil is approx 1/5th of the weight of foam board!
  • Easy and fast installation

Note: Compared to the Foam board solutions shown here SuperFOIL provides savings on space and construction cost. Glass wool has not been included in this comparison because its lower performance increases the depth of construction considerably.

Building a Better Insulation

Build a better… Dyson!

Taking our lead from British innovator Sir James Dyson we wanted to use our skills, brains and inventiveness to “build a better insulation”. We designed and solved unique manufacturing problems to produce a jump in the performance of multifoil insulation. SF40 out performs other manufactures while keeping costs down. Its a product that saves beyond its own foot print by allowing reduction in the overall core building structure. Rising insulation standards are essential to keeping CO2 production down, making better performance products essential for the future. We believe SuperFOIL is leading the way with innovation in high performance multifoil insulation.

On creating a better insulation product…

Craig Bown Managing Director of SuperFOIL said “It took a lot of innovation, as well as perseverance. We had to overcome unique manufacturing difficulties and we had to show the industry pundits who said it could not be done. SF40 is a product born out of the necessity of our times for better solutions.”

Build It Awards Ceremony

In recognition of our success and efforts to make better insulation, SuperFOIL SF40 has been nominated for the Build It “Innovation in Insulation” award.

At 65mm thick SuperFOIL SF40 is unrivalled in the market. SF40 outperforms its competition and contains 37 layers of reinforced laminated foil, aluminium reflective foil (PET), thermo-foam and loft quilt in total.

Multi foil insulation is high performance whilst also being incredibly fast and easy to install (simply staple in to place and tape over the seams). It works as an air barrier allowing you to control air movement for further energy efficiency and also acts as a radiant barrier, reducing solar gain in the summer and enhancing insulation properties in the winter.

SuperFOIL, building a better insulation!

SuperFOIL Short-Listed for 2013 Build It Awards

SuperFOIL Short-Listed for 2013 Build It Awards

Innovation in Insulation

“The Build It Awards 2013 celebrate all aspects of self build and renovation including completed projects, products, services and suppliers. The awards bring together architects, manufacturers and key industry figures in recognition of innovation and excellence in the custom home sector.”

The large number of entries to this years ‘Build it Awards’ have now been assessed, you can see the short-list here. As first time entrants all at Boulder Developments are delighted to see SuperFOIL SF40 on the nomination list for the “Innovation in Insulation” category.

SF40 provides a level of performance that cannot be matched by any other multi foil insulation manufacturer providing easy to achieve solutions to meet and better Building Regulation requirements in both walls and roofs.

All eyes will be focused on Alan Davies, renowned for his roles in QI and Jonathan Creek as he announces the winners at the high profile awards ceremony being held at the Hilton Hotel (Swindon) on the 21st November, 2013.


“SuperFOIL Solutions” Strength


“SuperFOIL Solutions”

One of the many benefits of SuperFOIL is the strength of the material. The outer layers of SuperFOIL are made from a fully woven material with double foil laminate face and nano coating.

The fully woven construction plus foil layers and coating make it a material that is is 100% water and vapour proof (CE 13859 certification).

The strength of SuperFOIL is a bonus in installation, because it resists tears and punctures much better than other weaker products. This makes for a safer installation especially for over rafter installs. Corporate customers and specifiers conscious of the requirement for health and safety and the adequate precaution of risk appreciate how the strength of the material contributes to their safe planning efficiency.