New Products, New Solutions – U-values & Building Regs

SF19+ & SF19BB

At the beginning of the year, SuperFOIL introduced SF19+ & SF19BB, adding exciting new options and unrivaled versatility to how you meet building regulations on your project.

With the introduction SF19BB you now have the ability to install an Insulation and breather membrane in one; saving materials and labour compared to installing separately as well as reducing the roof build up.

With the addition of SF19+ to our range, we now have a new and improved version of our most popular insulation, SF19, making it easier than ever before to meet building regulation requirements.

Below are just a few examples of how you can use SF19+ & SF19BB to your advantage on your project to meet both new build & retrofit requirements.



SuperFOIL SF19BB + 90mm HD Foam Between Rafters 0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + 140mm HD Foam Between Rafters 0.13U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + 130mm Glass Wool Between Rafters 0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + SuperFOIL SF40 0.16U
SuperFOIL SF19BB + SuperFOIL SF60 0.14U


SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 75mm HD Foam Between Rafters 0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 130mm HD Foam Between Rafters 0.13U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + 120mm Glass Wool Between Rafters 0.18U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + SuperFOIL SF40 0.16U
SuperFOIL SF19PLUS + SuperFOIL SF60 0.14U


Manned Mission to Mars

Could SuperFOIL be the answer to a manned mission to Mars?

In a secret location in Switzerland is a high tech space age underground bunker micro garden, surrounded by SuperFOIL Insulation and lit only by bright Red LED lighting. As you step into this unorthodox garden you could easily believe you were on Mars! With glowing red light reflected in every direction by the brilliant silver face of the SuperFOIL “greenhouse”, it resembles something straight out of a blockbuster Science Fiction movie.
Even with no natural sunlight, wonderful, nutritional and fresh green produce can be grown. With a near perfect controlled environment, almost 100% efficient production can be achieved. Produce like this could possibly sustain life on the long journey to Mars or even feed a Mars colony.
Currently only the top restaurants in the world can afford to offer produce grown this way but, because of the flexibility this kind of gardening offers, it may not be long before hidden LED gardens are in the most unusual places, on this or other worlds!

SF40 “Inspired Solution” for Church Conversions

SF40 “Inspired Solution” for Church Conversions

Remodelling of significant properties like The Holy Cross RC Primary School in Plymouth can be very rewarding and create truly inspiring spaces to live and work. Part of the challenge is maintaining the key architectural features of the existing building while the floor plan is converted into usable spaces making allowances for upgrading the existing(or lack of) insulation.

In this case, Henry W Pollard & Sons Ltd were to begin the remodelling of the existing church to form two new classrooms internally including a new mezzanine floor and associated mechanical and electrical upgrades. When the focus turned to achieving a thermal performance of 0.18, it became clear that with only 100mm rafters, traditional insulation could not offer a solution thin enough to retain the features of the intricate mouldings. That’s when the Site Manager, Gary, contacted SuperFOIL hoping to find a solution that could retain the desired features and still achieve the necessary high performance.

SuperFOIL SF40’s superior performance characteristics made it the obvious choice for the job. With a simple solution of SF40 and only 50mm PIR board between the rafters achieving a u-value of 0.18 and kept the ceiling level shallow enough to maintain all of the intricate architectural features of the church. The end result is a truly inspiring and WARM place to learn for the students of The Holy Cross RC Primary School.

Build It Awards – Finalists 2013, 2014, 2015!

Build It Award finalists
2013, 2014, 2015

We are pleased to announce that for the third year running SuperFOIL has secured a place in the finals of the annual Build It Awards! This year’s finalist position was secured by the innovative SF19BB Breathable Insulation. Launched in January 2015, SF19BB has set the performance goalpost very high and is becoming very popular with Architects and Builders alike.

SF19BB is a thermal insulation which is fully breathable and W1 Watertight allowing it to be installed in both walls and roof situations in place of a standard breather membrane.

Leading the way in multi foil technology, SuperFOIL continues its legacy of innovation by developing each and every component where ever possible, such as nano coating technology, for superior performance improvements. SF19BB picks up the baton passed on by its predecessors offering unrivalled efficiency in installation by installing one product that performs two functions.

SF19BB contributes substantially to other essentials of efficiency, such as air tightness and as a radiant barrier. SuperFOIL SF19BB meets the Requirements of Building Regulations Part L & BR443 and is tested in accordance with EN16012.

SF19BB is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle and manoeuvre in tight spaces. It is easy to cut, non-hazardous with no special requirements for installation or disposal of waste. In fact, SuperFOIL is manufactured with up to 40% recyclable materials and the flexibility of the product minimises the creation of waste making SuperFOIL even greater value.

SuperFOIL SF19BB, as with all SuperFOIL products, is ideally suited for use in new build, refurbishment and renovation projects. Customers also have access to detailed installation guidance and a U- Value calculation service is available to assist with Building Regulation applications.

• Fully Breathable and W1 Watertight
>• No need for additional breather Membrane
• Reduces the need for additional insulation below rafters
• Minimises total build thickness
• Meets Requirements of Building Regulations
• Lightweight, Easy to cut, Easy to handle
• Non-Hazardous, no special equipment needed

Rafters Exposed!

Rafters Exposed

Leaving roof timbers exposed, so the charm of natural wood can be enjoyed, has never been more popular than in recent years. In this case, the client wanted a tongue & groove panelled ceiling with the ENTIRE depth of the large rafters exposed. However, achieving Thermal Performance for Building Regulations with all of the insulation on top caused considerable complications. The original suggestion was Traditional Foam Board, but with the current higher regs it meant 150mm depth of board. The builder was concerned about meeting regs with the heavy roof tiles if installed onto 150mm of foam board. The need for additional structural fixings and supports, would also prove to create a bigger challenge of sourcing an appropriate fixing long enough for the job.

He contacted us through the SuperFOIL Contact Us Form hoping we could offer a better solution. We designed a solution using SuperFOIL SF19BB which is both an insulation and a breather membrane in one.  No need for any additional membrane or a breather batten.  The foam board was reduced by approx. half, making the install much easier, more cost effective and met the requirements for structural integrity of the roof.

Tools of the trade

“Tools of the Trade”

The right tools make installation a breeze!

SuperFOIL has always been an easy install option when it comes to insulation. But, as with any aspect of construction, having the right tools can make all the difference. The three basic steps to install SuperFOIL are
“Cut, Fix and Seal.”  You will need a cutter, a stapler and tape.

The Cutter:

SuperFOIL can easily be cut with a Utility Knife or 12” Shears. For bigger jobs and professional installers we recommend a power cutter like the Bosch GUS 10.4v universal cutter.

The Stapler:

For stapling SuperFOIL to studs/rafters we recommend using galvanised or stainless steel staples with a heavy duty stapler appropriate to the thickness of the product being installed. For SF19 & SF19BB use 14mm staples, SF19+ use 20mm staples, SF40 use 30mm staples, SF60 use 40mm staples.

The Tape:

We offer 3 types of 100mm wide tape for different uses.
Standard SuperFOIL Tape is suitable for most general installations of SuperFOIL products. SuperFOIL Superior Tape is reinforced, and uses an adhesive that allows it to bond even in cold weather and finally, SuperFOIL Split Back Tape which can be handy in tricky areas where it helps to apply tape to the product while keeping the backing on the exposed side of the tape.

Ask us about our “Tape & Tools” specials!

Loft Conversions Made Easy!

Loft Conversions Made Easy!

Nick, an experienced loft converter in Norwich, needed a cost effective solution for insulating his clients Loft Conversion. In any construction, it is important to control costs. With current building regulations requiring a u-value of 0.18 in the roof, the cost of a loft conversion can quickly begin to add up. Finding the most cost effective materials that deliver the required performance is one thing, but what if you can find a product that saves money on installation cost as well. 

Traditional foam insulation would require at least 140mm, it’s a fiddly, time consuming job of cutting it to fit between the rafters. To make sure that the board fits tightly between the rafters takes a lot of time and there are always gaps, you can’t achieve airtightness and there is a lot of wasted materials, time and money.

That’s why Nick turned to SuperFOIL. After speaking to SuperFOIL ’s technical advisors, Nick was given a solution using SF40 with a 35mm insulated plasterboard under for a u-value of 0.18. Nick was very pleased with the level of support available from the SuperFOIL team who provided u-value calculations for the building inspector and support finding a competitive discount deal from a local builder’s merchant distributor. Not only did he have a solution, now he had the information and confidence of knowing he could achieve his goal and reduce his overall material cost and improved profit margin. 

What Nick didn’t expect was just how much easier and faster SuperFOIL was to install compared to cutting and fitting the foam board insulation he was used to. Nick said “the SF40 was installed in no time at all” he continued “it was SO much faster and easier than foam board. The plasterboard is already up and we can get on with the rest of the job!”      Job Done!

Concrete Casting – They like it warm!

Concrete Casting – They like it warm!

Next Generation SuperFOIL insulation technology will be rolled out in new high performance concrete modular units at the Laing O’Rourke Pre-Cast Factory.

The same thermal technology that has been used for some years by concrete casting companies to speed up curing and increase productivity to 2 pours a day is now to be used to insulate staff and workforce. This is a major investment in next generation insulation technology for the welfare and comfort of its staff.

SuperFOIL technology was the only technology able to deliver the performance, space saving, low weight and high strength dynamic that the design team required for this class leading project. The thermal efficiency, significant contribution to energy savings and resulting green footprint, made SF40 the most obvious choice.

This step forward by Laing O’Rourke represents a new level of performance, one that all pod and modular manufacturers will be aspiring to. Everything from modular prisons, kit hotels and disasterrelief shelters, to rapid deployment accommodation for the NGO’s will benefit from the technology that’s been incorporated in this project. The combination of high performance, air-tightness and radiant barrier from this easy to use, lightweight and dust-free material is unmatched by traditionalinsulation. SuperFOIL SF40 used in this project was supplied by the Nottingham Branch of Encon Insulation.

SuperFOIL, the future of insulation.

Evolution of Insulation

Evolution of Insulation

As Building Regulations require improved levels of thermal performance, the need for higher performing insulation has become more important than ever. Many insulation technologies are stuck in the Past and have to rely on adding significant thickness to achieve the required thermal performance.

This is why SuperFOIL is the obvious insulation solution for the Future. When Building Regulations were planning to increase thermal requirements in 2010 & 2014, SuperFOIL was already working hard to develop products to meet this demand head on. By doing this we now have the highest performing and most diverse range of Multifoil Insulation on the market.

Next Generation Multifoils SF40 & SF60 offer the ultimate technological advances in multifoil performance. Continuing to improve thermal performance when traditional insulation has remained the same.

SF40 leads the way with LABC System Approval RD199-0512 offering solutions that maximise performance while further reducing overall build costs and thickness by minimising the need for additional insulation. SF40 is the best choice for great performance and value.

The Future is here with SF60, The World’s Highest Performing Multifoil! There is no competition for SF60’s high performance, providing current “new build” Building Regulation in a wall installation without the need for additional insulation. SF60 offers maximum performance when only the best will do!

If you need assistance selecting which SuperFOIL product is best for you, please contact us on 01636 639900

National BIM Library & NBS Plus

National BIM Library & NBS Plus

SuperFOIL are Happy to announce that our range of Multi Foil insulations are now available on both the NBS National BIM Library as well as NBS Plus.

Changes to Building Regulations and the increasing pressures to build cost effective, efficient homes in terms of not only thermal performance are the challenges we all face. Investigating and trying new methods and techniques is essential to progress and finding new ways to do things are the most enjoyable aspects for many.

SuperFOIL products offer you new ways to address the challenge. See for your self and visit NBS and BIM Library, and find out just how easy it is to specify SuperFOIL Just search for “Superfoil” in the NBS Plug-In, then drag and drop the SuperFOIL product into your model, complete with all technical specifications. This allows you, at a click of a button, to automatically create an outline specification from the design model.

SuperFOIL Announce Two New Products, SF19BB & SF19+.

SuperFOIL Announce Two New Products, SF19BB & SF19+.

SF19BB is SuperFOIL’s first fully BREATHABLE INSULATION. It is a high performance and very competitive BREATHABLE INSULATION its new construction and design outperform other manufacturers with its excellent R value of R 2.45 for a wall and R2.16 for a roof. Breathable Insulations save on time and materials by providing both the secondary rain barrier breathable membrane and insulation at the same time, this can reduce installation time and save on extra battens. Benefiting from advanced sonic construction techniques and advanced lamination developments and nano technology. SF19BB is creating better options for solutions as low as U0.10. SF19BB comes in new convenient rolls that are 1.5m wide by 10m long, of 15 square meters. Rolls are available from stock with special new product incentives and offers.

SF19BB Sample

Also new in 2015 is SF19+, an advanced version of SuperFOIL’s favourite reflective insulation SF19. This is the ”BLACK EDITION” more power , more performance. SF19+ benefits from improved performance from advanced production techniques as developed for our other new products. Benefiting from advanced sonic construction techniques and advanced lamination developments with nano technology. BLACK EDITION SF19+ provides R values of R2.97 for walls and R2.49 for Roofs. Creating better options for solutions as low as U0.10. The insulation comes in new convenient rolls that are 1.5m wide by 10m long, of 15 square meters. With special new product incentives and offers.

SuperFOIL & Polyethelene DPC

SuperFOIL & Polyethylene DPC

We were recently asked how SFUF stacked up against a typical Polyethylene DPC. The first difference is that SFUF is a reflective insulation while DPC is not; it’s a damp proof membrane.

SFUF contains layers of high performance laminated foil materials. In particular SFUF includes two layers of SFTV, SuperFOILs high performance fully woven foil material which is both waterproof, water vapour (VCL) and CE certified.

Our technicians compared performance testing to EN standards for both products and found that the materials in SFUF are as waterproof as any typical PE DPM. Right-click and “save as” here for a comparison of performance standards (spreadsheet in .xls format).

SFTV is W1 waterproof (which is the high standard of waterproofing). A 1200 gauge PE DPS is also W1 waterproof. You may see products that are labelled waterproof, but if they are not labelled W1 then they may be W2 or even W3 a lower performance. A W2 or W3 labelled product may only be considered shower proof or waterproof when protected (e.g. like a material that can be used only in the cavity of a cavity wall).

W1 is the standard needed for use on a roof as it will withstand driving rain, if a material is not stated as being able to be used on roofs it may be W2 or W3.

What about water vapour permeability?

The laminated fully woven aluminium foils that make up SFTV are also impermeable to water vapour, Polyethylene DPCs are not. PE is basically similar to material as a regular sandwich or freezer bag, just much thicker in a DPC.

PE does not create a barrier like a layer of aluminium metal can and with PE osmosis will occur. Where there is water pressure differential water will “pass” which is why DPCs are only used to tackle capillary action damp and they are not used where there is standing water.

SFTV is a fully woven construction, it’s much stronger than Polyethylene and does not stretch like a PE material. SFUF has the benefit that it has not 1 but 2 layers of SFTV and there are protective layers of foam and secondary thinner foil layers that provide additional performance protection. The SFTV material in SFUF has comparable performance to typical 1200 gauge PE DPMs

SFTV has passed the same European Standard as a DPC; EN1928 (the standard of waterproof performance) and is W1 waterproof. In EN standard testing SFTV is superior in strength and vapour control.

We hope this little article helps you appreciate how SFUF makes your important construction projects better.

It’s Nice To Be Appreciated

It’s Nice To Be Appreciated

We like to ensure that users receive good service with their SuperFOIL needs and praise couldn’t be higher than this recent glowing tribute to the staff at SCP Building Supplies who have a prominent SuperFOIL display and an excellent depth of product knowledge.


"Brilliant - all good, order placed for 8 rolls of SF60 and sundry bits this am from local distributor, SCP Building Supplies. Excellent distributors btw, knowledgeable and efficient staff."

Well done to all at SCP Building Supplies Devon!

SCP Building Products

SF40 The Versatile Insulation

SF40 The Versatile Insulation

Paul wanted a good level of insulation in the new extension to his home that he is self building. He is installing underfloor heating, and it’s a difficult combination of new and old. Part of it will be the original house and part of it the new extension. Therefore he wanted to be sure he had a high level of insulation under his underfloor heating pipes and it had to be flexible and easy to adapt.

He also wanted to make most of reflecting the underfloor radiant heat upwards into the home, the radiant barrier that SF40 provides and the air tightness are additional benefits.

SuperFOIL SF40 for UnderFloor applications

The solution; Paul fitted SF40 over his joists, with the Underfloor heating pipe over the SF40. Then he fitted battens to lay the floor on. Now he has a well insulated floor that is air tight and has a radiant barrier. The flexibility of the material made it easy to install and minimised any waste.

SuperFOIL Solutions for roofs walls and floors.

SuperFOIL The Master Class

SuperFOIL The Master Class.

Timber frame Experts Westructure in Devon, acknowledged through the UK for their stunning custom homes which have appeared on Chanel 4′s Grand Design TV show, conducted a masterclass for their extensive team of expert timber framers. The masterclass covered all aspects of fitting SuperFOIL into a timber frame, including walls and roofs.

The masterclass legacy is a permanent display to show their custom home clients the many advantages of SuperFOIL.

Greetings from Zagreb

Greetings from Zagreb

Zagreb SuperFOIL Installation

One enthusiastic SuperFOIL customer in Zagreb Croatia sent this photo of his SuperFOIL SF19 install. Our experience is Eastern European countries are keen to take advantage technical advancements. This application was SF19, but the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation SF60 and our double performance SF40 are very popular in the east of Europe.

While regulations in Zagreb don’t require the standards that are the norm in the UK people are keen to leap frog from old technology to new technology to get the benefits that technology brings:

  • high performance insulation
  • radiant barrier
  • air tightness

which combine to give exceptionally low energy use.

April 2014 Building Regulations Part L for Insulation

April 2014 Building Regulations Part L for Insulation

The regulations have increased building insulation requirements as high as U 0.13
SuperFOIL have already had solutions for U values down to as low as U 0.11. We have a wide range of solutions to satisfy the new standards.

The target levels for different elements within a building can be seen below:

Element 2006 Regs 2010 Regs 2014 Regs
Roof 0.20 0.18 0.13
Wall 0.30 0.28 0.18
Floor 0.25 0.22 0.13

SuperFOIL U-Value Solutions

We have a number of solutions to meet or exceed the new building regulations in roofs, floors and walls. For more information please call us on 01636 639900 or email

Roof Examples

SF19 Duet + 80mm Insulation Board = 0.13
SF19 Duet + 115mm Glass Wool = 0.13

SF40 Duet = 0.13

SF60 + 100mm Insulation Board = 0.13
SF60 + 115mm Glass Wool = 0.13

SFips are SuperFOIL strong

SFips are SuperFOIL strong

One of the UKs leading Timber frame manufacturers put SuperFOIL‘s SFips to the test this week, with the Timber Frame Factory Director personally jumping up on onto the SFips panel to test it with his own weight to see how strong it really was. There is nothing like getting to grips personally with a product and SuperFOIL passed the test with flying colours.

Standing on SFips!

All SuperFOIL insulation uses a fully woven outer composite foil material, it’s leading the industry in performance, designed to be strong enough for safety during on site installation and for off site factory installation prior to site delivery. SuperFOIL is strong enough to handle all the usual construction conditions. To find out more about SFips get in touch:

LABC Registered Detail 2014


LABC Registered Detail 2014

LABC registered detail certification has been confirmed for 2014. SuperFOIL appreciates the confidence of the LABC in confirming LABC Registered Detail for SuperFOIL in 2014.

SuperFOIL believe greatly in the benefit of LABC registration which we have supported since its inception.

In a globally changing world where even within Europe there are a variety of progressions of standards, LABC have sought to find a route that has the best of all worlds for the UK consumers. LABC approval is seen as a badge of product quality in the UK and far and wide in Europe.


Lofts – Cash Converters

Lofts – Cash Converters

With Loft converters worried about the rising cost of foam board and the new building regulations. SuperFOIL were asked by one of the countries leading Loft Converters to work out savings using SuperFOIL solutions.

On a comparison of materials SuperFOIL is the most competitive every time. For the new building regulations those savings increase by up to 200%. When you also include the savings from less waste, speed of install, savings on manpower, reduced storage and transport and not forgetting the airtightness, vapour barrier and radiant barrier you can see why modern SuperFOIL solutions are better and more economical than traditional foam board solutions.

Old 2013 Building Regulations

Traditional Board Spec Target U-Value SuperFOIL Spec Saving (per square meter)
Vertical Wall Sections – 90mm Between Studs 0.28 SF40
(exceeds target U-value)
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 40mm Below 0.18 SF40
+ 50mm Board Between
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 40mm Below 0.18 SF40
+ 35mm Board Below
Ceiling Level Insulation 100mm between + 50mm Under 0.16 SF40
+ 50mm Board Below
Sloping Roof Sections – 80mm Between + 50mm Below 0.18 SF40
+ 35mm Board Below

New 2014 Building Regulations

Traditional Board Spec Target U-Value SuperFOIL Spec Saving (per square meter)
Vertical Wall Sections – 160mm Between Studs 0.18 SF60 £5.85
Flat Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 90mm Below 0.13 SF40 Duet (2 Layers) £3.71
Sloping Roof Sections – 100mm Between + 90mm Below 0.13 SF40 Duet (2 Layers) £3.71