NEW SF19BB Breathable insulation & SF19+ advanced performance insulation

SuperFOIL Insulation

LABC Registered System Approval for U-Values From 0.14

  • Maximum insulation, minimum space
  • Lightweight, flexible & easy to install
  • U-value solutions as low as 0.1
  • Ideal for new build or retrofit
  • Fits over or under rafter
  • Made from 40% recycled materials
  • LABC Registered System Approval

Welcome to SuperFOIL

SuperFOIL is a high tech multi-layer foil insulation solution ideal for roofs, walls, floors and many custom designs. Our range of products is unbeaten in both performance and value. Our LABC registered system approval streamlines the building regulations application process, saving you time and money!

SuperFOIL insulation has radiant reflective properties which reflect unwanted heat from solar gain in the summer and enhance insulation throughout the winter. Our products also have air barrier properties and can control air flow for further efficiencies. SuperFOIL has CE 13859 certification as a 100% vapor and water barrier. In situ energy assessments indicate that SuperFOIL has benefits over traditional (non reflective) insulation.

Our products are easier to handle, install, cut and seal than any other form of building insulation and last over 50 years with minimal loss of performance caused by dusts, draughts, pests or osmosis.

SuperFOIL – U-Value Calculator

SuperFOIL U-Value Calculator

SuperFOIL U-Value Calculator

Try out your desired insulation configuration in our u-value calculator and get a printable calculation with full build-up! Simply enter your details in the form fields provided, click submit and view your results. To get a printable break-down, simply add your details to the “About You” section.

Please note: These Calculations are for guidance only. If you require a U-value calculation from a certified SAP assessor, please call us on 01636 639 900 or email to arrange.

Click here to use our U-Value Calculator

SuperFOIL – News

SuperFOIL Build It Awards

SuperFOIL 2014 Building Regulations for Roofs

On this page you will find insulation solutions for different build ups that are in accordance with the upcoming new Building Regulations Part L. The new regulations state that roof insulation has to achieve a U-Value of 0.13, which is a considerable improvement on the 2010 figures of 0.18.

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Breathable Insulation

SuperFOIL Announce Two New Products, SF19BB & SF19+.

SF19BB is SuperFOIL’s first fully BREATHABLE INSULATION. It is a high performance and very competitive BREATHABLE INSULATION its new construction and design outperform other manufacturers with its excellent R value of R 2.45 for a wall and R2.16 for a roof. Read More


SuperFOIL & Polyethelene DPC

We were recently asked how SFUF stacked up against a typical Polyethylene DPC. The first difference is that SFUF is a reflective insulation while DPC is not; it’s a damp proof membrane.

SFUF contains layers of high performance laminated foil materials. In particular SFUF includes two layers of SFTV, SuperFOILs high performance fully woven foil material which is both waterproof, water vapour (VCL) and CE certified.

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SPC Building Products

It’s Nice To Be Appreciated

We like to ensure that users receive good service with their SuperFOIL needs and praise couldn’t be higher than this recent glowing tribute to the staff at SPC Building Supplies who have a prominent SuperFOIL display and an excellent depth of product knowledge. Read More

SuperFOIL SF40 for UnderFloor applications

SF40 The Versatile Insulation

Paul wanted a good level of insulation in the new extension to his home that he is self building. He is installing underfloor heating, and it’s a difficult combination of new and old. Part of it will be the original house and part of it the new extension. Therefore he wanted to be sure he had a high level of insulation under his underfloor heating pipes and it had to be flexible and easy to adapt.

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SuperFOIL The Master Class

Timber frame Experts Westructure in Devon, acknowledged through the UK for their stunning custom homes , which have appeared on Chanel 4′s Grand Design TV show, conducted a masterclass for their extensive team of expert timber framers , the masterclass covered all aspects of fitting SuperFOIL into a timber frame, including walls and roofs.

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Zagreb SuperFOIL Installation

Greetings from Zagreb

One enthusiastic SuperFOIL customer in Zagreb Croatia sent this photo of his SuperFOIL SF19 install. Our experience is Eastern European countries are keen to take advantage technical advancements. This application was SF19, but the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation SF60 and our double performance SF40 are very popular in the east of Europe.

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Standing on SFips!

SFips are SuperFOIL strong

One of the UKs leading Timber frame manufacturers put SuperFOIL‘s SFips to the test this week, with the Timber Frame Factory Director personally jumping up on onto the SFips panel to test it with his own weight to see how strong it really was. There is nothing like getting to grips personally with a product and SuperFOIL passed the test with flying colours.

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LABC Registered Detail 2014

LABC registered detail certification has been confirmed for 2014. SuperFOIL appreciates the confidence of the LABC in confirming LABC Registered Detail for SuperFOIL in 2014.

SuperFOIL believe greatly in the benefit of LABC registration which we have supported since its inception.

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SuperFOIL Loft Conversions

Lofts – Cash Converters

With Loft converters worried about the rising cost of foam board and the new regs we were asked by one of the countries leading Loft Converters to work out savings using SuperFOIL solutions.

On a comparison of materials SuperFOIL solutions are the most competitive every time. For the new regs those savings increase by up to 200%. When you also include the savings from less waste, speed of install, savings on manpower, reduced storage and transport and not forgetting the airtightness, vapour barrier and radiant barrier you can see why modern SuperFOIL solutions are the way to tackle the future.

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SFips Construction

SFips Timber Frame Panel Production

Our camera caught the action during production of the first SFips panels at a leading timber frame supplier. SFips are the insulation industries latest development to meet the new 2014 regulations coming in this month.

SFips, is short for Superfoil Insulated Panel System, SFips meet the new 2014 thermal performance standards by factory fitting 1 single layer of the worlds highest performance multifoil insulation.

The benefit of SFips timber frame panels are that the construction is factory controlled, giving a high precision, high performance timber frame that can be significantly slimmer than the majority of glass wool or foam board panels.

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Cold Weather Tape

Cold weather, is it a sticky issue for you?

Superfoil has both standard tape and a high performance cold weather tape, using tape on insulation reduces the passage of air and improves efficiency. It’s always recommended that you “seal” when insulating to reduce or eliminate any passage of air.

Superfoil cold weather tape is a higher performance tape and makes the task easy and efficient.

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SF40 Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion: SF40 leads the way

Ensuring a good performance on a barn conversion is a detail that needs a lot of attention. Barn converter Andrew saw the benefits of SF40, including the flexibility, high performance and easy to achieve air tightness, without the drawbacks of thermal bridging when using board between timbers (even in an existing building that can have its own peculiarities of construction).

SF40 in 2 layers provides solutions to around the U0.13 level of efficiency.

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SuperFOIL SFips Panel Shed

SFips Tastic

Using panels made of SFips, the high performance multifoil panels made with Superfoil SF60, the only panel that can meet the upcoming new 2014 regs in a single layer of multifoil, this “tool shed” would be at home in the Arctic never mind the EU… It’s the highest insulation performance tool shed we know of. Is this the worlds most insulated tool shed?

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Bosch, Professional Tools & SuperFOIL

A professional cutting tool increases efficiency, the Bosch GUS 10,8V cordless cutting tool makes short work of cutting All SuperFOIL products to size. Here you can see it making short work of cutting the 100mm thick SF60!

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SF40 Scotland

Scotland Proactive Performance with SF40

SuperFOIL were asked to find a thermally efficient and space economical retrofit solution for cold solid walls in a typical Scottish building. The solution was SF40, this gives a high performance simple single layer solution, improving the thermal insulation of a wall to a performance higher than current regulation requirements.

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Scottish Building Regs 2014

SuperFOIL Solutions for the 2014 Scottish Building Regulations

Making efforts to innovate and drive standards forward The Scottish Government are improving building regulations to support “A low carbon building standards strategy for Scotland”. The table below indicates what you will need to achieve for Scottish Building Regulations for Dwellings.

New Regulations Standards and Target Emission Rates (TER):

Main Space Heating System Fuel
Element or System U-Value
Walls U = 0.17
Floors U = 0.15
Roofs U = 0.11

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Timber Wall Solutions

Easy Timber Frame Wall Solution

These timber frame sections (click for full size) show solutions for a typical modern brick clad timber frame house, using SuperFOIL and or combinations of SuperFOIL, Foam board and old fashioned Mineral Wool.

There are solutions to meet the new England building regulation targets of U 0.18 and we have included 0.16 to exceed the new Scottish regs).

The simplest solution uses just one layer of SF60 on its own, that’s an achievement only SuperFOIL can provide, no other insulation manufacturer can match this.

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SuperFOIL Timber Wall Solutions

SuperFOIL Provides Thin, Thinner and Thinnest Solutions

We have prepared a variety of timber wall solutions to meet the needs of any project. SuperFOIL beats its competitors with a range of solutions for timber frame buildings. SuperFOIL SF60 is the only multifoil to provide a single layer solution under the new 2014 building regulations.

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SuperFOIL Shop Displays

SuperFOIL Displays

Point of Sales displays are now available for the 2014 year, the first just installed. For use by our foremost distributors and resellers these attractive eye catching displays provide with lots of information about using SuperFOIL as well as displaying the actual product. They are sure to provide customers with better service and promote sales. Read More

SuperFOIL Solutions

Solutions for the 2014 Building Regs!

Building Regulations are due to change in April 2014, new rigorous thermal values show the commitment to the energy efficiency of buildings. SuperFOIL can deliver slim profile single product solutions.

Insulating Roofs – U 0.13. 2014 Regs

To achieve 0.13 U – as in a roof as required by the 2014 Regulations, this panel uses the SuperFoil SF40 Duet design.

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SuperFOIL CE Mark

CE Mark on SuperFOIL Products

This summer Superfoil products and the CE logo will become a common sight. European legislation as we all know plays a big part in our day to day lives in more ways than one, From July 1st of this year the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) requires all products that are covered by a Harmonised European Standard or European technical approval to display the appropriate CE Mark.

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SuperFoil SF19 and SF40 gain LABC Registered Detail approval

Boulder Developments Ltd is delighted to announce that both SF19 SuperFoil and SF40 SuperFoil insulation products are now approved under the LABC Registered Detail scheme for use in roofs and walls.

The Registered Detail approval enables Local Authority Building Control Officers to move forward speedily with the approval of the insulation requirements for your new build, extension or renovation project and provides LABC’ s customers with confidence in their choice of SuperFoil. Furthermore, it also brings the opportunity to save time which in turn leads to saving money.

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