Tough foil membrane suitable for roofs, walls and floors


Vapour proof

Air tight

Radiant barrier

Helps to prevent mold & damp 

Includes Air Gap*

Enhances thermal resistance

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SFTV – Thermal Vapour Barrier

SuperFOIL SFTV the ultimate all-round building membrane for roofs, walls and floors. Water & vapour proof SFTV is also a foil radiant barrier that will reduce solar gain in summer and improve insulation in winter. SFTV’s reflective properties add to the overall U-value of the building fabric. To achieve the maximum energy performance in new build and retrofit projects, SFTV makes an ideal ‘airtight’ layer suitable for the entire building envelope.

SFTV Sales Flyer
U Value Calc
U Value Calc
SFTV Sales Flyer
SFTV Sales Flyer
SFTV Sales Flyer
  • Water & Vapour proof
  • Improves airtightness
  • Radiant barrier
key features
  • Total coverage 37.5 or 75m2
  • Total thickness <1mm
  • Complies with BS 3177
  • Horizontal or vertical fitting
  • Fast installation
  • Cut with knife or scissors