The Ultimate multi-foil insulation.

55 layers of interlaced material providing a tested ‘R’ value of 4.88*


Fast & easy installation

Lightweight & flexible

Energy efficient

R value up to = 4.88

Super Insulate

Compatible under or over rafters

Use to reach CSH levels 3 to 6

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SF60 – Super Insulation

SuperFOIL SF60 is the PREMIUM multi-layer foil insulation, for those who require ultimate performance. SF60 is the world market leader with the highest R value of any multifoil available world wide, guaranteed.

SF60 is a high performance insulation, also its radiant reflective properties reduce unwanted heat from solar gain in the summer while enhancing insulation in the winter. Air barrier properties control air movement for further energy efficiency. SF60 includes CE certified vapor and water barrier outer layers. In Situ energy assessment indicates that multilayer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) open face insulation like glass fibre. SuperFOIL also has the strongest multifoil material aiding installation and reducing waste.

Whether insulating roofs, walls or a custom design, if your application requires the highest performing multifoil on the market, then SF60 is the choice for you! Request a free sample pack & quote!

Request a free sample pack and quote!

  • BBA Certified ‘R’ Value 4.88
  • High Thermal Performance
  • Air seal & radiant barrier
key features
  • Total coverage 12m2
  • Total thickness 100mm
  • Total layers 55
  • Horizontal or vertical fitting
  • 50mm air gap required
  • Cut with knife or scissors