SF60 – The ULTIMATE multi-layer foil insulation

55 Layers of material providing a tested R value of 4.88*

  • Pitched Roof


  • Wall


  • Flat Roof


  • Use to reach CSH levels 3 to 6
  • Maximum insulation, minimum space
  • Lightweight, flexible & easy to install
  • R Value up to 4.88
  • Super Insulate
  • Fits over or under rafter
  • Made from 40% recycled materials

SF60 – Multi Layer Foil Insulation

SuperFOIL SF60 is the PREMIUM multi-layer foil insulation, for those who require ultimate performance. SF60 is the world market leader with the highest R value of any multifoil available world wide, guaranteed.

SF60 is a high performance insulation, also its radiant reflective properties reduce unwanted heat from solar gain in the summer while enhancing insulation in the winter. Air barrier properties control air movement for further energy efficiency. SF60 includes CE certified vapor and water barrier outer layers. In Situ energy assessment indicates that multilayer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) open face insulation like glass fibre. SuperFOIL also has the strongest multifoil material aiding installation and reducing waste.

Whether insulating roofs, walls or a custom design, if your application requires the highest performing multifoil on the market, then SF60 is the choice for you!

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Key Features

  • BBA Tested R value of 4.88
  • CE certified for its performance as a vapour and water barrier
  • Fully woven outer foil layers make SuperFOIL the strongest multifoil material further aiding installation and reducing waste
  • Manufactured with 40% recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its useful life
  • Non hazardous with no special requirements for installation or disposal of waste
  • “COMBI” installation methods allow use with any other form of insulation insulation
  • SF60 is compatible with all insulations. To “Super Insulate” existing glass fibre, add one layer to maximise energy savings
  • Can be used in Roof, Walls & Floors for both new build and retrofit applications

European Technical Approval (ETA)

The EU has proposed under ECPD 1989 OJ L106/1 a new technical standard is to be developed that will incorporate the full performance of multi layer foils under real conditions including radiant reflective properties and air seal properties. This will ultimately result in a new CE or ETA classification.

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Technical Information



Polypropylene reinforced heavy outer laminated foil
Aluminium coated reflective foil PET layers
Thermo foam sepatation layers
Loft quilt 80g/sqm layers
Total layers
142 poly tube



Hot Box Conventional ‘R’ value
Thickness installed
Weight per roll
Dimensions packed
1.5m x 650mm
Roll dimensions
1.5m x 8m
Total area per roll
12 sqm

Installation Guide

Under or Over Rafter

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Apply SuperFOIL directly to the rafters from the roll either horizontally or vertically.

For over rafter start at the bottom and work up the roof overlapping at each junction. For under rafter start at the high point and work down, overlapping at each junction as you add the layers.

When installing vertically start at the high point and roll down the rafter.

Apply tension to the SuperFOIL as you staple in place; staple into the rafters with staples inserted at regular intervals, 50mm to 100mm spacing is recommended. Cut to length and fix the next layer.

Overlap all joints by a minimum of 50mm and staple onto the rafters where the joint crosses the rafter. Seal all joints using SuperFOIL tape.

At the eaves trim SuperFOIL around the rafters and seal to either the wall plate or the Cavity wall insulation if present.

To fix plasterboard when using SuperFOIL under rafters. Install battens sized according to the product used at right angles to the rafters. Always apply battens around window reveals.

Apply tape to any tears, cuts or joints before fixing plasterboard to the battens.

For walls

Fix vertical battens to the wall appropriate to the material being used. Position the SuperFOIL across the wall horizontally and staple to the face of the battens stapling at 50 to 100mm centres.

Repeat for each layer as needed overlapping by at least 50mm with each layer. Trim as required and staple and tape all joints.

Batten around window reveal perimeters with battens and secure the SuperFOIL to them. Then fix a counter batten horizontally and finally fix the plaster board to this batten.

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