LABC Registered System Approval for U-values From 0.14


Maximum insulation, minimum space

Lightweight, flexible & easy to install

U-value solutions as low as 0.1

Ideal for new build or retrofit

Fits over or under rafter

Made from 40% recycled materials

LABC Registered System Approval

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SF40 – Multi Layer Insulation

SF40 is SuperFOIL‘s EXTRA performance multifoil insulation. Extremely cost effective with a 68% increase in performance over our standard multifoil. SF40 beats any multifoil competitor products R value, guaranteed!

With a mission to build a better multifoil insulation SuperFOIL SF40 combines the technical innovation of 55 layers and is configured for maximum efficiency, achieving higher values than previously thought possible within the industry. The enhanced thickness combined with radiant reflective properties and air barrier properties provide benefits over traditional (non reflective) open face insulation like glass fibre. SF40 includes CE certified vapor and water barrier outer layers.

SuperFOIL SF40 maximises roof and wall insulation with efficient use of space. SuperFOIL also has the strongest multifoil material aiding installation and reducing waste. LABC registered detail makes Building Regulations simple.

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  • BBA Certified ‘R’ Value 4.04
  • LABC Registered System
  • Air seal & radiant barrier
key features
  • Total coverage 15m2
  • Total thickness 65mm
  • Total layers 37
  • Horizontal or vertical fitting
  • 25mm air gap required
  • Cut with knife or scissors