Week 15 – Breathable Timber Frame Insulation – 0.18U

This Month’s Solutions will focus on Timber Frame Insulation to achieve a u-value of 0.18

Breathable Timber Frame wall insulation

Our Third build up in this series is a fully breathable timber frame wall insulation solution. This design uses SF19BB in combination with glass wool type insulation to achieve a fully breathable solution whilst still maintaining good air tightness & thermal performance. By replacing your standard breather membrane on the exterior side of your timber frame with SF19BB you maintain all the benefits of the breather membrane with the added benefit of a high performance insulation. This in combination with 120mm of glass wool type insulation between studs will allow you to achieve new build standards of a 0.18U-value in a cost efficient manner.

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Week 15 - Breathable Timber Frame wall Insulation