Busting The Price Myths Of Insulating Your Home

Have you heard that insulating your home is expensive? Many people have, and so they may look for shortcuts or ways to reduce the cost. Or they put it off entirely. However, in the long term, this is often far more costly. Insulation reduces heat loss in your home, decreasing the demand on your heating…

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How insulation can cut your heating bills

How insulation can cut your heating bills - SuperFOIL

With 22 million households facing drastically higher tariffs on gas and electricity, the cost of heating is a major concern for many. From April, the average household on a dual fuel tariff will have to pay £693 more on their energy bills, bringing costs to £1,971 per year according to Ofgem. Soon, the situation could…

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Why rising energy prices make insulation upgrades essential

With energy prices across the UK set to soar, Chancellor Sunak’s Spring Statement and its seemingly incremental tax revisions will offer little solace to those wondering how on Earth they’ll be able to afford to properly heat their homes after April 1st.  “Family finances are at breaking point”, says Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis, and…

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7 Things To Consider When Designing An Energy Efficient Home

New Energy Efficiency Rules - Why Landlords Need to Prepare

The cost of energy is skyrocketing, and as a consumer, you have no control over the charges. Whether you switch suppliers or regularly change tariffs, energy bills always demand a significant amount of your income. It is frustrating!  While you can’t affect how much energy costs, you can determine how much you use! An energy-efficient…

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How To: SuperFOIL Wall Insulation

Are you trying to reduce your energy bills and save money throughout the year? Of course, you are! Well, SuperFOIL has the expertise to support your endeavour. We’ll teach you simple changes to conserve the electricity you use. We aim to save you hundreds of pounds while lessening your contribution to climate change. Everybody wins! …

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The tools you need to insulate a loft with multifoil

One of our customers, Paul, recently upgraded his loft with our multifoil insulation. Here, he gives a run-through of the most helpful tools and equipment he used to make his home more comfortable and efficient. For his project, Paul opted for a combination of our SF19+ and SF40 to achieve his target U-value and he…

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The Weird and Wonderful Places We’ve Installed SuperFoil

The woodsman's treehouse boardwalk

Everybody needs insulation. We believe there is a material to suit every property and circumstance. However, at SuperFOIL, we favour foil insulation most highly, and our clients tend to follow suit! Over the years, we’ve contributed our expertise to some weird and wonderful projects. Here is a highlight reel of some of our favourite non-housing…

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Insulating From A Landlord’s Perspective

Your responsibilities as a landlord span beyond decorating your rental property! When you’re providing a home for tenants, it is critical that your building considers all their needs. You have legal requirements to insulate and protect your house against the elements from installing functional facilities down to ensuring energy efficiency. At SuperFOIL, we understand you…

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Why You Should Insulate Your Garden Shed For Winter

For some, the garden shed is their pride and joy. Not only can it be converted into an extra room to act as the perfect escape, but it’s also a great place to store your gardening tools. However, the last thing anybody wants is for winter weather to put a pause on chores! The solution?…

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