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Using SuperFOIL with the Green Homes Grant

How Can SuperFOIL Help?

Homeowners & Landlords

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How can the green home grant help me?

As a homeowner, we are always looking for ways to not only save money on energy bills but also how we can add value to our property.

By using the Green Home Grant to make your home more energy-efficient, you are doing both of the above whilst spending a limited amount of money ( if any!) Improving your insulation will reduce your bills around £200 a year, as well as reducing your carbon footprint by up to 700kg of C02 annually.


The scheme primarily helps to pay for -
- Insulation
- Low Carbon Heating

You can also then apply for -

- Draught-proofing.

- Double or triple glazing, or secondary glazing

- Energy efficient doors

- Heating controls and insulation

Installers & Tradesmen

I would like to be able to install SuperFOIL under the GHG Scheme...


Under PAS 2030 protocol, a requirement of the scheme is that work must be carried out by installers who are trained in and examined against the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

With 600,000 homes needing improving through the Green Home Grant. Now is the perfect time to become an improved installer for the SuperFOIL products.

SuperFOIL offers outstanding, multi-layered, thermal insulation with BBA certification and is eligible for a GHGC 25-year warranty.

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Our FREE guide gives you all the information on saving time and money when insulating your home, and how to really make a difference to the comfort of your rooms.

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