Garage CONVERSION – Better late than never!


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Garage Conversion



Stuart, a builder based in Nottingham, had been planning his garage conversion but was unable to find insulation that suited his needs. He had been given solutions for traditional PIR boards, but he found these too bulky, taking away too much depth on the walls. On top of this, Stuart did not want to use PIR boards due to the fact they were a pain to install, created a huge mess and produced lots of wastage.


Stuart needed to achieve a U-value of 0.3 as set by building regulations for his conversion. Due to the size of the room, he did not want to add too much thickness to the walls and did not want to use traditional PIR boards as they were not suitable for the project.


After struggling with traditional rigid foam insulation on a garage conversion, Stuart decided that he needed to find a better alternative to using rigid foam insulation so he contacted SuperFOIL.

This garage conversion required a u-value of 0.30 in the walls. The technical team at SuperFOIL offered Stuart an efficient solution using a single layer of SuperFOIL SF19.

A straight forward construction of,  Timber Batten / SuperFOIL / Timber Batten / Plasterboard was used.

Stuart contacted us once he completed the project to tell us that SF19 was so much easier to install, more cost-effective and thinner overall build-up than his original PIR solution. Stuart was so impressed with SF19 that he said “SF19 was better than using solid insulation because it saves a lot of space and is much less expensive, I just wish I found SuperFOIL sooner!”

Better late than never!