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Social Housing Upgrade: Hereford Housing Association

A single layer of SuperFOIL SF40 provided huge cost savings and less disruption to the residents.

The Project

Herefordshire Housing Association is investing £3.5 million over 5 years to increase energy efficiency in their existing properties. Because the houses were occupied, all improvement works needed to be carried out from the outside to minimise the impact on the occupants. With a u-value target of 0.30 W/m2.K, traditional insulation was too thick.

SuperFOIL worked very closely with Hereford Housing Ltd and Merriman Roofing Contractors Ltd to offer a bespoke solution. SF40 was up to the challenge achieving 0.26 W/m2.K, significantly exceeding their target value. A single layer of SF40 provided maximum performance, minimal thickness, improved air-tightness, radiant...

Product : SuperFOIL SF40

Main Contractor : Merriman Roofing

Project Type: Housing Stock Upgrade

Value: £3.5 Million

With around 5,800 homes, Herefordshire Housing Ltd is the largest social Housing Association in the county and the only Registered Provider operating solely in Herefordshire. The improvement works will include re-roofing, upgrade to loft insulation and further improvement works, which will have a very positive impact for the residents living in them by significantly reducing their fuel bills.

Merriman Roofing Contractors Ltd. were contracted to complete the roofing and insulation works. They have found the installation quick and easy with very little waste and are by now, the UK’s most experienced SuperFOIL installer.