Insulation for a New Air Source Heat Pump Installation








A project that had been months in the planning, Sarah was looking at ways she could turn her 5-bedroom cottage renovation into an energy-efficient family home and cut costs on heating and energy in the process.


A large, rural cottage in the heart of Leicestershire, Sarah wanted to reduce her carbon footprint and find ways she could heat the cottage as economically as possible. Sarah had done her research and had been in long discussions with the team at All Seasons Energy on how to install a heat pump in her home. It was noted that the cottage needed additional insulation measures to meet the requirements for an air source heat pump. Our technical team worked together with All Seasons Energy to get the cottage up to the standard needed for the heating works to begin.


The All Seasons Energy team required Sarah to improve the insulation in the cottage so the heat loss through the walls, roof and floor was minimised before installing a heat pump. Air source heat pumps operate at a lower temperature than more traditional heating systems – they channel heat slowly over longer periods of time so Sarah’s cottage needed to be properly insulated, so she could retain this heat and enjoy the benefits of a lower-cost renewable heating source. Without the additional insulation, Sarah would’ve found that the air source heat pump wasn’t going to produce enough heat to satisfy her thermal comfort.

Sarah was looking for products that would insulate and provide the cottage with high thermal performance, be space-saving, quick to install and that’s exactly what our products could provide. SuperFOIL insulation is perfectly suited for a retrofit application and Sarah got to work on fitting SF19+ in the eaves of the cottage meeting all the thermal properties needed; allowing the All Seasons team to get to work on fitting the air source heat pump.

SF19+ is BBA-certified insulation for use in roofs and walls. It utilises Dupont ultra-efficient nano-coating technology to improve the performance and acts as a radiant barrier to reflect excessive heat gain during the summer months as well as insulating throughout the year.

Ideal for use in walls, roofs, and floors in new build, renovation, or extension projects. Its technical specification means it provides high performance from a small footprint. It’s easy to install and results in minimal waste. SuperFOIL is manufactured with 40% recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its 50+ year useful life.