How SuperFOIL Saved This First Floor Balcony







A project that had been seven years in the planning, the dream to create much-needed space for Darren and his family.

With plans to build a spacious two-storey extension, providing an open plan family kitchen dining area downstairs, with an extra bedroom and dressing area upstairs. It also allowed Darren to build a first floor, sheltered balcony area to enjoy the views from the property.

By building the extension, it allowed for Darren and his family to stay in their much loved family home.


A first-floor balcony area with a need for a warm roof due to having an inhabited room below and a required U-value of 0.18. With limited space of 6.3m2, it was important to have a space-saving product. Darren had looked at PIR solutions but with builds ups of 200mm plus, it meant that his balcony would have to have a step up which was a big “no-no!!”.

Darren had previously used SuperFOIL for a stable conversion with good results, so decided to contact the technical team to see how we could help.


After discussion with Darren, a solution was offered that would cut a massive 100mm off his current PIR solutions, which would mean he would achieve the level floor that the project needed.
Darren was offered a solution of 40mm PIR combined with SF40 to give a U-value of 0.17.

Darren stated, “ The technical team got back to me really quickly with calculations for U-value and a solution that meant that my balcony floor level could be achieved…”

SF40 is a multifoil insulation product that is 65mm thick. With an R-value of 3.47 when used in a roof, it was the perfect answer for reducing the thickness of the balcony floor level which was an important factor in this build whilst still meeting that important U-value of 0.18 or less.

With an easy, 3 step installation method, Darren found it simple to use. “I used SuperFOIL SF40 which was really straightforward to lay”.

Dean, one of our technical service specialists reported ” It was important to find Darren the correct build-up for his balcony so that he didn’t need to build a step which is something he didn’t want to do. By combining a mix of SuperFOIL and PIR, it gave the best solution to his issues whilst beating the U-value that he needed to achieve…”

First Floor Balcony Wooden Frame
First Floor Balcony Framework
First Floor Balcony without Floor
First Floor Balcony Wooden Beams
First Floor Balcony Roof Insulation
First Floor Balcony Floor Insulation
First Floor Balcony Foil Insulation
First Floor Balcony Floor