Cobalt Place, Battersea




New Build Residential




Completed in 2015, Cobalt Place is the new residential heart of Battersea village in South West London. Located within five minutes’ walk from the Thames, the development occupies the site of a former college close to Battersea Power Station.


With two townhouses and a collection of modern apartments, Cobalt Place is one of the most flourishing neighbourhoods south of the river.


Cobalt Place is sympathetic to the location and creates a more open space which affords key views of the conservation areas beyond. The development has a landscaped courtyard for parking and provides open areas for residents to enjoy.


To improve efficiency, insulation needed to be fitted beneath the underfloor heating without affecting the floor height. The insulation needed to provide high thermal performance while also taking up a minimal amount of space. After careful consideration on what would be the best option, we supplied the development with 5800 sqm of SFUF insulation.


SuperFOIL SFUF is just 6mm thick and has a high performance rating of 0.8 R Value, so was the ideal solution. The insulation is tested to the standards required and has been approved in a wide range of projects working to Building Regulations.


Working alongside Lend-Lease, the new residential unit was a complete success. SuperFOIL supplied it’s SFUF product to complement the wet underfloor heating which was being installed in each of the properties. This underfloor insulation enabled the heating systems to maximise efficiency and it provided a radiant barrier to prevent heat from being lost through the floor. Our insulation provided excellent thermal performance in a minimal amount of space.


The insulation has a radiant barrier which reduces solar gain in summer and heat loss in winter. SFUF also has a 2-in-1 function, with a vapour control layer and foil insulation layer. This acts to control air leakage such as draughts, which is important in achieving high levels of energy efficiency. SuperFOIL is certified under CE for its use as a vapour and water barrier.


Cobalt Place comprises high quality housing design in accordance to best practice. The development aims to establish a sustainable community that respects the location and setting. Our SFUF insulation, which is made from up to 40% recycled materials and installed with little wastage, also contributed to the sustainability of the development.


William Bown, Managing Director of SuperFOIL Insulation said: “As with every development in high value urban areas, maximising the available internal space is an important objective. Unfortunately, this often comes into conflict with the desire to improve energy efficiency with thicker insulation taking up more space. With our SFUF insulation at Cobalt Place, we’ve proved that high performance insulation doesn’t have to impact design. By using our product, residents can enjoy efficient underfloor heating with minimal heat being lost through the floor. We’re really proud to have helped this development which is helping people to enjoy high quality, comfortable living a stone’s throw from the Thames.”