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Cobalt Place, Battersea

A Lend-Lease project on the former site of Saint John Boscoe College near Battersea Power Station. Over 5800sqm of SFUF was installed.

The development comprises high-quality housing designed in accordance with best practice. Aimed at establishing a sustainable community, appropriate to the location and the setting.

Product : SuperFOIL SFUF

Main Contractor : Lend Lease

Architect : AHMM

Project Value : £20m

All homes were fitted with wet underfloor heating captured within the floor screed, SuperFOIL SFUF provided the ideal solution to achieve excellent thermal performance in a minimal amount of space.

A Gas fired Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) provides heat to all residential units and feeds the new school.

Cobalt Place is sympathetic to its context and improves the visual amenity of its surrounding by opening the development up and affords key views to the conservation areas beyond. Cobalt Place optimises the external open space, which provides important amenity for new residents and visual amenity for existing neighbours.