A Highland Home




New Build Sustainable Home




A 200 sqm, highly energy-efficient new build project in a remote location in the Highlands of Scotland.

Built using sustainable materials, and with the timber frame sourced locally and wood fibre insulation used alongside SuperFOIL Insulation throughout.

Powered throughout the year using solar PV and battery storage.


Looking to increase the thermal resistance of the building envelope in order to reduce energy usage. With the building using an air source heat pump and underfloor heating, they wanted to make sure that any heat loss was minimised.

With a 200sqm space to fill, it was vital that they chose the correct insulation to use in the walls and roof.


Mike decided to use SuperFOIL SF19 in his building to help with the thermal resistance of the build. By using our product in combination with other insulations, he achieved better than Passivhaus standard throughout the build!

SuperFOIL SF19 is a multifoil product with a total of 11 layers, made of wadding, aluminium coated PET layers and Foil Laminated Outer Layers. At only 40mm thick and providing an R-value of 2.14 when used in a roof, SF19 can be used on its own or in combination with other types of insulation. A fully flexible product that provides a vapour control layer as well as acting as a radiant barrier.

Mike reported that the product was ” extremely easy to fit” and that they wouldn’t have been able to meet the standards they did “without using SuperFOIL”.

“I have been aware of SuperFoil products for some time – I lecture in Architectural Technology at UHI Inverness College so I ensure that I am always up-to-date with new products.

I used your online data in choosing SF19 and was in touch with your technical support to check out alternatives and to get information for installation.

This project uses my experience of working on previous projects in the Highlands over many years. My design uses locally sourced untreated timber and ecological insulation materials wherever possible to achieve the best standards of thermal performance for the budget available. I have been involved in specifying low carbon energy solutions such as solar PV, battery storage, heat pumps and off-grid services for a number of years, so the use of the best insulation products is essential in order to optimise these opportunities to reduce energy usage.”

Inner Foil Insulation Highland Home
Foil Wall Insulation in Two Story House
Inner Wall Foil Insulation
Wall Insulation for Shed
Inside of Highland Home Post-Insulation
Highland Home with Insulation and Solar Panels
Indoor Foil Insulation